News in Brief: #USMNTfail, Amos Magee, Jeb’s Political Career, and More

by on 17 November 2016

US Men’s National Team loses first two games in World Cup qualifying, calls ratchet up for Klinsmann’s termination

The US Men’s team match against Mexico started with off with a very positive gesture of players from both teams taking a picture together.

Then the team proceeded to play a 3-5-2 formation that they had only played once, for a half, a year and a half ago. They broke the string of 2-0 wins over Mexico in Columbus and lost the game 2-1. Howler had an excellent breakdown of why that match showed that Jurgen Klinsmann needs to go.

He then took the national side down to Costa Rica and led one of the worst performances by a men’s national team side since 1957, losing the game 4-0 and, by all accounts, looking terrible.

Pablo Maurer has a nice list of all the dubious distinctions of the the Klinsmann era.

Steven Goff, who usually has his pulse on national soccer news, says Bruce Arena is lined up to take over for Klinsmann.

We’ll see if Klinsmann is asked to leave, but fans of USMNT want something to change.

Will Amos Magee join other MLS teams at the Midwest Pro Combine?

The Midwest Pro Combine is a well-run combine in Pontiac, Michigan that does a good amount of vetting of the players it invites. A number of Minnesota’s midwest and western rivals will be there and it might be a good place to pick up a player or two to help round on the roster.

This might prove to be a combine more for teams looking to pad out their USL rosters, as many of the players likely will need a couple of years in USL before they are ready to be contributors to a MLS team. Looking at the initial list of players, there are a couple Des Moines Menace players there.

Minnesota United FC has been a bit tight-lipped with their plans for player development and signings, but with the hiring of Amos Magee yesterday, we might see the team start making significant moves to build their roster.

Rumors that Rayo OKC hasn’t paid their players

Former Minnesota Stars exec and heart-throb Djorn Buchholz came in and helped right the ship, but unfortunately it looks like even a playoff run won’t be enough to save this franchise, if the rumors are true.

Potential MNUFC First Round Pick Jackson Yueill named to Pac-12 First Team


On the Lighter Side… Jeb Brovsky ponders a run for political office

He has this writer’s vote for sure.

Finally, how’s work progressing on the stadium, Brian?

Hmm…not good.


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