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Photo: Jeremy Olson


Superman Returns? Ramirez Nearing Minnesota United Reunion

by on 14 December 2016

A return to Minnesota for Christian Ramirez seems more and more likely as negotiations between the player and club have advanced and the club has made an offer.

In an interview with the radio station KFAN earlier today, Adrian Heath said, “We’re very close, hopefully we’ll have an announcement in the next few days.”

FiftyFive.One has learned that the club has offered an MLS contract to Christian Ramirez, but that interest from foreign clubs remains.

Ramirez could not be reached as he sips mai tais on his honeymoon, but he may return from his vacation with a pleasant message from his agent.

Ramirez, who has been dubbed “Superman” by the supporters, joined the club in 2014 and in three seasons became the highest goalscorer since Amos Magee for the Minnesota Thunder (who recently rejoined the club as director of player personnel).

After joining the club, he quickly made a name for himself with a superb goal in the 17th minute of his debut. From that point forward, he continued to impress and conjured a good many moments of magic.
Christian Ramirez San Antonio gif

Ramirez also scored a remarkable bicycle kick goal later that year that won the NASL’s Goal of the Year.


There have always been question marks about Christian’s ability to take his game to the next level, whether it be in MLS or Liga MX. He scored 51 goals in the NASL, but whether this will translate to goals in a league of higher quality is a question he’ll have to answer for himself on the pitch.

In the past, FiftyFive.One has reported that clubs in MLS and Liga MX have asked Minnesota United about securing his services. The Loons rejected a transfer request at the end of the summer transfer window from a Mexican club.


  • Dave DuJour

    Now we just need Batman back and we can start forming the Justice League.

  • John Herman


    Any hunches on how he’ll measure up as an MLS striker? Where would we put his over/under for goals this coming season?

    • Wes

      no. i. dea. That’s the real question here. The one thing that goes against him is that he is not good from the bench, much like Wondolowski. I think he has to really prove if he can do it. NASL isn’t a bad league, but Christian will definitely be facing better defenders

      • BJ

        He does seem to be able to take advantage of the 1-2 mistakes that a defender might make. So I think he will do well. How well 8-9, 16-18, or over 20 will play out in just a couple of months.

    • Brian Quarstad

      Goal scorers are goal scorers. Yes, output level can certainly go down when facing better teams. But sometimes strikers get better when they move up because they are played in better positions for them and they have better players around them who can give them better service. Christian had some really awful service this year from his supporting players, yet he still managed to score a bunch of goals. Also remember, he was originally a midfielder so he can be versatile as well.

      • John Herman

        Good points. I have been assuming that he’ll be a striker since he has a track record of volume scoring that Femi and Ebobisse don’t have (as far as I understand it). But if we bring in a goal poaching DP… I guess it’s a bit early still. I guess the point is, I’m betting on Ramirez pulling his weight in a solid MLS offense, I think that United can put together said offense, and I would love to see Ramirez high on the goals scored list.

  • Michael Clark

    While I like Ramirez in NASL, I’m really concerned about his ability to move up. I’m not a soccer expert by any means but when I watch MLS games vs NASL games, the ball handling skills of strikers between the two leagues are far different. Maybe it’s because of the team around him the last two years, but I haven’t seen the ball handling skills for the next level. I’m talking about situations where Christian is isolated with a defender and needs to work to the goal. I just don’t see it. I do like taking a chance on him, tho.

    • Brian Quarstad

      There are different types of strikers. Think about Chris Wondelowski and you could say the exact same thing. Rudd van Nistelrooy was never one to break tackles either. For players like that it’s all about positioning, the turn, and having a high success rate for finding the back of the net.

  • Jeff Wolter

    He is a much better player than Colorado’s Dominique Badji. It’s the players you need to play behind him that will be the difference in Minnesota’s attack.
    Christian has the size and skill to play D1.
    Now find a few players who know how to play that final pass to him at the right time.

  • TeresaFC

    The players’ facial expressions are priceless on that lead photo. Nice work, Jeremy Olson!

  • Eric Christianson

    I have no idea how good he’ll be in MLS, but I’m hopeful. This is obviously a chuckle-inducing comparison to somebody much more famous, but I always get a little Harry Kane vibe from him. He’s not the biggest, fastest, best holding up, best dribbler, best passer, strongest, etc.., but boy does he just have a knack for getting the ball on goal from wherever.

    That’s what I’ve seen in Christian. He’s not stellar nor terrible at anything else, but really his specialty is taking shots from anyplace which end up heading at the goal. Oftentimes without the pause that let’s the defense/keeper position themselves. That leads to goals. Will he be able to do that in MLS? Better defenders and keepers might make it tougher, but I could see him still scoring a decent amount of goals if he keeps getting the ball on frame.