Could Tim Ream Be a Future Loon?

by on 14 December 2016

The man is a magician: Taylor Twellman can conjure a transfer speculation storm when no one is looking. In the midst of all the Expansion Draft fury today, Twellman threw out that the 29-year-old Fulham center back is looking to return to the States.

Twellman brought Minnesota into the mix because if Atlanta ends up signing Brad Guzan as expected, who should go to the top of the allocation order that would give dibs to Ream? The Loons.

The prospect is an exciting one. Ream has always been a great ball-handling center back and Minnesota could do with a veteran rock upon which to base its defense.

But here’s the catch: one source indicated that Ream is looking for upwards of $1.6 million in salary. Minnesota is not looking to splash that kind of cash on a defender, particularly one who doesn’t feature for the national team. That salary would make Ream the highest paid defender in the league.

Twellman’s tweet brings up the second possibility that Minnesota could always swap spots with a team like the Chicago Fire (who will be third in the allocation order). This way, they keep the top spot and get some GAM coupons. This seems like a more likely scenario since it allows Minnesota to look around for another, more reasonable allocation pickup.

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  • Offensive Loons Fan

    Are we calling them GAM coupons? I’d still been calling them Garber bucks.

    • Benjamin MacKenzie

      Garber Bucks > GAM > Zimbabwean Dollars

      But in non fiscal analysis: I’d also rather have other allocation money to splurge on younger defensive stalwarts.

  • Clark Starr

    I’ve always been a fan of his. Watched him when I lived out east. Not sure it’s right for us, especially given the salary.