Kwarasey Injury Throws Brakes on Minnesota Signing

by on 6 January 2017

A few weeks ago, Ghanaian goalkeeper Adam Kwarasey visited Minnesota with eyes to signing a contract. However, the deal looks off after he suffered a back injury.

Kwarasey, who played for the Portland Timbers before moving to Rosenborg in Norway, was in advanced talks with Minnesota United to become the Loons’ starting keeper in MLS. However, the keeper suffered a back injury that put him out of the upcoming African Cup of Nations and likely part of the upcoming MLS season.

A source told FiftyFive.One that Minnesota walked away from the deal. Realistically, the club needs to secure a starter for their upcoming season. Kwarasey’s injury was first reported by Ghana Soccer Net.

The Loons traded away another potential starter, Jeff Attinella, to Portland in part to secure Miguel Ibarra’s rights. Now, the club will have to continue their search for a starting goalkeeper.

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  • Blake Johnson

    Surprised there are not any discussions of Cody Cropper as a potential GK target for us…

    • Jeff Rueter

      From Wes Burdine’s piece before the Exp. Draft:

      “After leaving England with a long-term injury, he came back to Minnesota for rehab before signing with the New England Revolution.

      What makes it unlikely that Minnesota will pick up Cropper in the draft is that the team already got a good look at him. If they thought he was ready to start in MLS, they would have signed him before New England. To pass on him and then use an expansion draft pick on him would be terribly poor planning.”

      He trained here all summer and the team didn’t pull the trigger. Didn’t like what they saw at the time.

      • Melissa Danner

        That seems odd for a USMNT player, doesn’t it? Is it that he’s not good enough, or that he just didn’t fit what they were looking for?

        • Jeff Rueter

          He wasn’t a regular USMNT player before his injury, so I think the title flatters where he’s at in his career. He’s a 1A/1B option at goalkeeper, but he hasn’t been able to stay healthy for more than six months for quite a while now. I think they want something more certain for year one.

  • Chris RB


    *fingers hover over big orange panic button*


    *smashes #PANIC button with all might*

    • John Herman

      Meh, I feel like we can always pick up an adequate starting goalie off the free agency pile and it won’t be much of a dropoff. MLS has always been saturated with GKs. I was a bit surprised that we looked elsewhere at all.

      Bummer for Kwarasey though. That’s terrible timing for an injury.

      • Chris RB

        I would say “I was joking” but I *never* joke about #PANIC.

        You’re right, we’ll be fine. no way a hole like this goes unfilled.


        • John Herman

          [emerges from bunker, removes gas mask, uses inhaler]

          Oh. Yeah.

  • Tyler Gilboe

    So are we 100% certain Sammy isn’t coming back?

    • Brian Quarstad

      I’ll ask you a question, Tyler. Sammy way good but had faults. He certainly wasn’t great and there is no way he’s a starting MLS keeper. Would you use an international spot (which Sammy would take) to have him as a #2 or #3 keeper?

      • Ken Backhus

        Any idea if Sammy might be in line for a green card? Then he wouldn’t take up an international spot. I don’t think it’s that difficult to do this in MLS. Not sure what the criteria are.
        This site (Jeff and Alex) seemed to view him as a 1A/B when it did its GKer piece for MLS a few months ago. He’s still relatively young too.

        • Brian Quarstad

          I don’t see him coming back. I differ with some of the others on this site and thought he was super athletic but too much of a liability to be playing at MLS level. As others have said here, there are a fair amount of goalkeepers that MN should be able to get. Not time to panic yet.

      • Tyler Gilboe

        I guess you’re right, he’s not a starting keeper in the MLS, but I thought he was eligible for a green card sooner than later? Otherwise, no, I probably wouldn’t use an international spot on him. I would use one on a starting keeper though. Don’t see why we wouldn’t sign Kwarasey still even with the injury. What else is out there now?

  • Alex Schieferdecker

    Bummer on Kwarasey, but I’m still hopeful. There are better GK’s out there, and Kwarasey certainly has questions still surrounding him after his play that started the 2016 season.