News in Brief: Minnesota United FC Launch a Cultural Liaison Program, Jamie Watson Joins the Broadcast Team, and Lots More

by on 10 January 2017

Minnesota United FC launch a cultural liaison program

These paid outreach positions are something many people who follow the team have been clamoring for (for a while). Great work, Sean!

Jamie Watson will be a part of the Broadcast, according to report

Something that seemed in the works for a while, Jamie Watson will be retiring from soccer and joining Minnesota United FC in a media and broadcast capacity, according to a report by Andy Greder in the Pioneer Press.

NASL is short on details, but promises changes

The NASL announced a “new direction,” which included an amicable breakup with Commissioner Bill Peterson, something FiftyFive.One reported in December.

NASL referred to their league as “strong.” Such an adjective is surprising as the league has gone from 12 to eight teams, two of which folded and have not paid their players and staff. In addition, the league will be running Jacksonville for at least the Spring Season to maintain eight teams. Not exactly the definition of strong.

Local NPSL teams announce tryouts

Minneapolis City’s tryout will be in March:

Rochester’s Med City FC will be announcing open tryouts this week:

While VSLT is running a gofundme to help them raise money for their team.

Their tryouts will be January 17th – 19th.

Good luck to all the players going out for these teams!

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