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The Tailgate: United Begins Preseason in Arizona

by on 24 January 2017

This week we ask the fans: “Minnesota United began its preseason in Arizona this week as the club slowly builds toward a full opening day roster. What is your take on Minnesota kicking off its season?”


“Arizona? Our guys better have their work papers in pristine order.”

Brianna Beliocek, Milkperson


 “As long as Brent Kallman winds up playing for the ‘skins’ team, I’m happy.”

Aliyah Johnson, Urbane Planner



“Teams that lose preseason games should be relegated.  Teams that have more social media followers should be promoted. Restaurants in Arizona the players don’t like should be relegated on Yelp. Please, God, help me I can’t stop. End this suffering! #ProRel4Everything”

Ryan Gustafson, JDate Matchmaker

“Preseason camp in Arizona is never a good idea. Every night you can hear a coyote rustling outside of your tent, smelling your delicious blood — smelling your fear.”

Teri Aggeliki, Columnist/Rowist


“Look… No, I can’t hold this two-pole any higher. Why? I… Do you know who I am? I’m trying, this is as high as… Goddammit!”

John McCain, Arizona Senator

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