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The Tailgate: USSF Announces D2 For NASL And USL

by on 10 January 2017

This week we ask the fans: “USSF announced on Friday that it would grant provisional Division Two status to both NASL and USL for the 2017 season, following an offseason of turmoil in which NASL seemed close to collapse. What’s your take?”


“So, this is like the time I ‘provisionally’ had my license after my DUI?”

Venn Reus, Social Media Strategist



 “Excited to see NASL will be not paying its players at the highest possible level next year.”

Hojae Wang, Proletariat Food Tester



“England only has one second division. Suck it, limeys!”

Kyle Koecher, Former Child Star



“The winner of USL and the winner of NASL should face off at the end of the season to finally know, once and for all, what a half-filled high school football stadium looks like.”

Wanda Johnson, Newspaper Forecloser


“And I thought MY pyramid was cursed!

King Tutankhamun, Amateur Stand Up Comedian


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