Minnesota Stars' jersey unveiling, 2012. Courtesy of Jeremy Olson. www.digitalgopher.com


Minnesota United to Unveil New Jerseys

by on 8 February 2017

For now, the MLS Fantasy Soccer page has Minnesota United playing in Hanes cotton, white jerseys. With the MLS season less than a month away, fans have been unsure of what their team may look like next season. The wait will soon be over, as the team expects to unveil their jerseys late next week.

The Loons will be decked out by Adidas for the first time. Previously, the club has been been outfitted by Inaria and Admiral. Adidas designs the kits for all MLS clubs.

A truncated planning time for United meant that the custom wing designs from previous years was not going to be possible for this year’s design. Instead, the kit will be much more “off the shelf.” According to one source, who offered a subjective opinion, this does not necessarily mean that the jerseys will lack aesthetic flair. The source added that fans may be pleasantly pleased.

The jersey will also feature a prominent sponsor for the first time in United’s history. Target announced their sponsorship of the club in January.

The unveiling comes two weeks before the Loons kick off the MLS season with an away matchup against the Portland Timbers. The club is hoping that they will have jerseys ready to sell at their home opener a week later on March 12.

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  • Kdog

    need that wing, yo

    • Dave Benhart

      Yeah, without the wing it’s going to be a let down. I’m disappointment that 2 years* wasn’t enough time to get a design worked out with Adidas.

      *The MLS announcement was in March, 2015. Even taking the early August, 2016 date gives almost 7 months to create a jersey. Which implies that all the MLS teams are starting to create their 2018(!) kits about now.

      • PaleVermilion

        But they didn’t know they’d be keeping the United name in March, 2015 or the Loon crest. Also, when you take in design and production time (and production for selling jerseys to the public), 7 months isn’t that long if you want a quality product for pro sports franchise. That’s actually a very fast turnaround time.

        • MmattN

          yeah I don’t really hold this against the club or FO but rather the league

        • Dave Benhart

          To say that they didn’t know is disingenuous. They had a crest. Sure it might have needed to be changed, but not significantly. Yes, this is partially because the League was dinking around with not allowing United. Again, with or without the MNUFC moniker the Loon crest wasn’t going away. Putting the Loon Wing on the jersey wasn’t a difficult thing to design.

          Did the Houston didn’t know what their kits would look like after they left San Jose? Because “they didn’t have time” after the name change? There was debate over the Dynamo name back there.

          This all reinforces my point that teams must already be working on their 2018 (next year!) kits right now. Otherwise there’s not “enough time” to get them done.

          • BJ

            2016 is when they stated the 2018 kit design.

            I’m working on a Youth Club, which has nearly 0 design options, for new kits 18 months from now.

          • PaleVermilion

            Exactly. The 2018 kits will be finalized this summer, and 2019 kits will be started working on this spring. The timeframe is about 2 years (source: an actual MLS designer with SKC I talked to).

          • PaleVermilion

            Of course they’re already working on the 2018 kits now. That’s not really a ground breaking point. Designing a professional uniform takes time and needs to be done with enough time to manufacture for both the team and to sell to the general public. And to have such a unique and custom feature as a wing design takes even more time.

          • BJ

            Adidas is know to be super slow in the design process. The original wing was done by Admiral in under 8 months (team got them 2-4 days before the Aug 2-4 2013 game) and Inaria did one in about a year.

  • Michael Clark

    While I logically understand the long lead time; emotionally it could be a step back in a great opportunity to establish a compelling brand beyond what it is today. I can’t tell you how many folks say that the badge and kit are “the coolest of them all” and people want to be a part of it.

    You know what’s more emotionally draining? MNUFC’s email today saying that “tailgating is not permitted at home games.” Not at all what I expected as I’m told that Gopher games permit tailgating (I have not confirmed that). I’m heartbroken as this is as much a part of the vibe of enjoying a MNUFC game as the game itself. Another missed chance of maximizing our fan growth.