News in Brief: Home Jersey Leaks, No Tailgating at TCF, and More

by on 17 February 2017

Potential leak of the home jersey before Minnesota United FC’s jersey reveal

Both Minnesota’s home and away jerseys will be revealed at the Machine Shop in Minneapolis at 6:00 p.m. on Friday, Feb. 17, but there is an image floating around the internet of what is thought to be the home shirt.

The club has a piece running through the brief history of soccer jerseys to put its kit reveal in context.

It’s official: no tailgating at Minnesota United matches at TCF Bank Stadium

While we suspected as much for a while when information about parking for season ticket holders came out, it’s been confirmed by Andy Greder that there will be no tailgating allowed in University of Minnesota lots before United games.

I know for many fans that tailgating was a big part of their fun on gamedays up in Blaine. It’ll be interesting to see what kinds of workarounds will be made by the larger supporters groups and people interested in tailgating.

Med City FC secures partnership with Mayo Clinic Sports Medicine

The Rochester, Minn. based club announced Mayo Clinic Sports Medicine as its title sponsor ahead of its inaugural NPSL campaign. Louis Garcia reported for FiftyFive.One that Med City will not only benefit financially from the partnership, but will receive performance, nutrition, and sports psychology services from the renowned medical practice and research group.

Med City also announced the signing of its first player, Midhat Mujic. The Bosnian immigrant turned Rochester local turned out for Minnesota United’s reserve team in the Premier League of America last season.

News bits

Today in awesome

Christian Ramirez takes the best airplane selfies.

Today in awesomer

Ibarra got Ramirez back for all his sleeping pictures.

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  • Peter Scholtz

    Those leaked jerseys are not so great looking. I hope it’s a red herring.

    • MmattN

      With how low my expectations were for this years jersey I gotta say the leak isn’t all that bad.

      My hope is the road kit will be something crazy, like straight up remake of Kicks orange jersey or white with a nod to the old Thunder white, especially with the Target logo.

      • PaleVermilion

        That’s my thing as well. We knew this year’s kit wasn’t going to be the amazing custom kit we’ve been used to in the NASL. 2018 will be the year for that.

    • Jacob


      I’m trying to come around to it. I’m trying really hard, Manny. I guess it’s like LA’s? It would help to see the shorts too though.

    • Peter Scholtz

      I’m not sure what bugs me more–the broad blue stripe that’s somehow not so daring, or the Target logo. Maybe it’s just that blue and grey are boring colors. But yeah, I’m hoping for a really exciting away kit.

      • Peter Scholtz

        Or maybe it’s intricate, multi-colored, almost photograph-like badge superimposed on a uniform that’s otherwise sort of blocky and minimalist.

  • Robert Driesch

    Jerseys are not on the MLS Shop yet, but there are a bunch of new items out there…

  • Clark Starr

    Them’s the jerseys. Oh well. Not nearly as great as our old ones, but not out and out awful. Maybe next year (hope that’s not an oft used refrain!).

  • Etch

    Ugliest jerseys I have ever seen, I”ll wear my old ones to the games. Adidas has more creative designers than that. Maybe there will be a third jersey that is awsome like the ones they have made in the past for Spain ,Germany, France and a host of others. We can only hope.

    • Bill Stenross

      Just saw them in person as a full kit. I was with you, but in person they are pretty great. But it’s tough when you are coming from such iconic kits as the Inaria ones to these, so I get the dislike.

  • Etch

    I suspect a few people will be meeting at places like Surlys and taking the train to the game. Be nice if there was an official Loons pub with parking. Sort of tailgating I guess.