News in Brief: Patreon Campaign Update, MNUFC Preseason Twitter Woes, MLS Expansion, and Much More

by on 1 February 2017

FiftyFive.One Patreon campaign off to an amazing start

After two days, the FiftyFive.One Patreon campaign is doing great thanks to all of you. The campaign bested our second goal and has 34 patrons already. This site strives to provide excellent coverage of Minnesota and national soccer stories. The support you’ve given us will only challenge us to continue to grow and improve our coverage. So, thank you all who have already contributed.

If you haven’t become a patron, please consider it. At any amount, you are not just supporting us financially, but you give the writers, contributors, editors, photographers, and podcasters on this site a reminder of how valuable what we do is to you all, the readers.

Minnesota United FC has first preseason scrimmage, Twitter coverage from team was lacking

If you would like to read about the preseason scrimmage, we have our write up, but if you were trying to follow the action live, you were out of luck as Minnesota’s Twitter game was woefully lacking. Luckily, New England’s Twitter feed did a decent job of reporting on the match.

If you are wondering what many were complaining about, just take the way Minnesota reported the penalty kick.

It doesn’t include the minute, the foul, or the penalty taker.

Then look at the details included in New England’s tweets about the same penalty kick.

Hopefully the club’s Twitter account steps it up in its next preseason match against Croatian side Nogometni Klub Istra 1961 on Friday.

MLS expansion bids due yesterday

It turns out that even Indy Eleven has submitted a bid, according to Brian Strauss. That makes 12 total bids for four more MLS spots, which will eventually bring the first-division league to 28 teams.

FourFourTwo has a good roundup of the 12 expansion bids.

Late last night, word got out that there are some issues arising with Sacramento’s bid, with infighting between the owners.

Schüller has arrived and he is beautiful in the black and blue

Maybe I’m partial as a Finno-Minnesotan, but he’s going to look great in midfield.

News bits

Today in awesome

Surly has made public their negotiations with Justin Davis in his quest to sell out.

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  • Tyler Gilboe

    Am I the only one who thinks the new MNUFC twitter guy is really bad?

    • nathan3e

      As there were no updates for 30+ minutes in the second half, no, you are not the only one. I kept wondering what are you doing INSTEAD of providing updates?

  • Vinyl Haircut

    Bill (and everyone). I really do appreciate all the coverage, and I’m very willing to donate. Question about the Patreon campaign. I’m happy to contribute, but I’m not fond of repeating monthly internet payments. I’d much rather contribute a designated amount all at once, in a single contribution rather than installments. I didn’t see a way to do that on the Patreon site … do you know if it’s possible?

  • Aaron Tinklenberg

    Well, the Revs updates were better, but even calling Bunbury’s effort “decent” is wandering into hyperbole. A good save of a pretty terrible penalty.

    I echo Haircut’s request about one-time donations. If that’s a possibility, I’d love to choose it.

  • Dave Benhart

    Hey, it’s preseason for the Twitter guy too!