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The Tailgate: United Opens Preseason With Four Draws

by on 14 February 2017

This week we ask the fans: “Minnesota United has begun its MLS journey with four consecutive draws.  What is your take on the Loons’ open to the year and their competitiveness moving forward?”


“I see that the Chicago Fire rivalry is coming along nicely.”

Byron Blegstic, Shallow Fryer



 “When Grant Wahl said we’d be the worst expansion team ever, maybe he just meant we’d be the worst team to watch?”

Heather Fische, Corn Creamer


“Surprised they aren’t winning.  Looking up into the stands and seeing no one there should make every game feel like a home game.”

Frederick Ingolstadt, Instant Messenger


“34 draws means 34 points this season, and that would have put us only ten points out of the playoffs last year.  Let’s do this.”

Anika Bittman, Tiny Dancer


“There is no better way to represent the Midwest than by passive aggressively tying every team you play.”

Nat Holston, Butler Union Representative


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