#COLvMIN Open Game Thread

by on 18 March 2017

When? – 8:00 p.m. CDT, Saturday, March 18
Where? – Dick’s Sporting Goods Park, Commerce City, Colorado
How to Watch? my29
How to Listen? 1500 ESPN


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  • Alex Schieferdecker

    For the third week running, let me express my opposition to our terrible version of the 4-3-3. Give me the 4-2-2-2, with a replacement for Demidov at centerback.

  • Dave Laidig

    I’d settle for the back line starting to resemble a cohesive unit

    • Vinyl Haircut

      Agreed, especially the interplay between the two centerbacks. We can’t continue to have one step to trap offsides while the other holds back. Elementary stuff, really, and we have to get more coordinated. It would also help if the mids didn’t give the ball away so cheaply. The sign of good coaching is improvement, and hopefully we’ll see some tonight!

  • Vinyl Haircut

    I agree with you Alex. The formation/tactics we employ, in addition to putting specific players in a position to be successful (e.g. avoiding placing Saeid on the left flank), is far more important to me than exactly which players we choose to start.

    • Alex Schieferdecker

      The players are important to me too! Hoping we’ll see JD and Kallman come in.

  • Kate Sophia

    Curious to see what Bobby has in him.

    • Kyle Nelson

      His distribution with his feet has not been great.

  • Jacob

    I don’t know what I want but I’m really curious to see the lineup and formation.

  • Kyle Eliason

    Prediction: “That was not Colorado laughing at me, Father. That was God. That was God laughing at me through that obscene giggle…

  • Eric Beckman

    I endorse all of these calls for more defensive cohesion, and I’m hoping not to see Taylor at FB.
    That said, this Atlanta attack is looking good against Chicago, too.

    • Alex Schieferdecker

      Chicago scored an early own goal and got a good defender send off early, so, while you’ve got to credit Atlanta for some classy goals, they’ve been handed a pretty massive advantage in that match.

      • Eric Beckman

        I realized this after I made the comment…The finishing is great, though.

        • Alex Schieferdecker

          Yep. They have been absolutely clinical. Martinez took both of his goals incredibly well. Same as against us. I wonder if they’ll regress.

          • Eric Beckman

            I think they’ll regress some as teams scout them more. And they won’t be playing the Loons in their second game or against 10 men all year. But, Almiron and Martinez in particular appear to be very good…

  • Wes

    well, Kallman and Ibarra getting the start. This is what people have been asking for. I hope it works. Who is the vocal marshall of the defense?

    • bartgott

      Where do you find the starting lineups listed?

      • Alex Schieferdecker


    • Alex Schieferdecker

      Hoping Warner plays conservative, to help Calvo and Kallman find their footing. Communication between the CBs hasn’t been good in either game, but it can’t be expected to improve with this change. Hopefully Kallman’s athleticism helps paper over the initial hiccups.

  • Alex Schieferdecker

    Thank god we’ve finally got a decent formation. Looking forward to this. Lots of questions still, especially in defense, but I think we have a chance to score and pin the Rapids back with this XI. We might have most of the possession here.

    Shuttleworth; Thiesson, Kallman, Calvo, Davis; Warner, Schüller; Molino, Ibarra; Venegas, Ramirez

  • Dave Benhart

    Did I hear that Alverge needed surgery and is getting reassed in 6-8 weeks? I missed who was referred to there.

    • Dave Benhart

      Kaka is who they were talking about.

  • Alex Schieferdecker

    Well, we looked like we knew what we were doing there, which is a serious plus. But again, we make a goofy mistake and get immediately punished.

  • Alex Schieferdecker

    Ibson for Schüller is an interesting change. It could work if Ibson pushes forward more and Warner sits back home. More defined midfield roles. Thought Schüller didn’t have a stellar half. Still waiting to see him show his quality.

  • bartgott

    That second goal was fantastic. Creative, fluid, and decisive.

    • Alex Schieferdecker

      And their second goal was a disaster. Uff da!

  • Matt

    Ok, so:
    Everyone freaking out over the last week, take a breath.

    And let’s remember that no Taylor and no Demidov = less than 5 goals conceded.

  • Alex Schieferdecker

    “For the third week running, let me express my opposition to our terrible version of the 4-3-3. Give me the 4-2-2-2, with a replacement for Demidov at centerback.”