FiftyFive.One Podcast Episode 24: Real. Breathing. MLS Action

by on 6 March 2017

Finally! Minnesota has made its debut in Major League Soccer. Just don’t ask what the result was. Adam and Katie Jarvi join Jeff to talk MNUFC, plus a couple of major discussions around fandom in U.S. Soccer today.

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  • Dave DuJour

    FYI, building a team-owned/run SSS in Blaine would have been much, much more difficult than the headaches happening with Snelling & University right now. Upgrading the NSC Stadium might have been possible, but the team would still be renting that space and not control so many aspects of revenue. Or control who/how/when the field is used (and torn up). It never was a realistic option to get a ~20k seat stadium up in Blaine.

  • MmattN

    This was a fantastic show, loved the chant/national anthem talk, loved hearing first hand reports from PDX, and prep for the next match. Also, thought the slipping of emails in instead of all at the end was a real solid touch and break from the norm of most podcasts. Sorry Wes I’m joining team Jeff and the Jarvis.
    Ya know, I still think one day we are gonna reach the point where soccer fans origin story will be a thing of the past and I normally think I’ll be bored listening to people tell their story but I’m always smiling halfway through and fully enthralled.