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The Tailgate: MNUFC Sets Record For Coldest MLS Game In History

by on 15 March 2017

This week we ask the fans: “35,043 braved the coldest MLS match in history to witness Minnesota United’s historic home opener, which clocked in at 19 degrees at the time of kickoff. What’s your take on Minnesota’s record breaking afternoon?”


“Is that really the record you wanted to ask about?”

Rene Blythe, Seamstress for the Band



 “Can anyone tell me what color the ball was that they used? I haven’t been able to find answers anywhere.”

Sally Ving, Mailer Daemon



“Is there anything specifically stated in the laws of the game which prevents a team from building a snow fort around its goal?”

Persephone Birdgins, Egg Scrambler


“Miguel Ibarra was keeping that bench nice and warm, though.”

Frank Bienhoffen, Uber HR Complaint Ignorer


“It wasn’t even that cold, and it isn’t as if I have life-threatening hypothermia right now as we speak.”

Miguel Almirón, United Crusher



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