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The Tailgate: NASL Spring Season Opens With Three Draws

by on 29 March 2017

This week we ask the fans: “The 2017 NASL Spring Season opened with a slate of low scoring ties. What’s your take on the kickoff of the league’s new season?”


“Sure there were a lot of ties this weekend, but FC Edmonton doesn’t start until next week. That’s when the real magic begins.”

Gip Potts, Marine Mixologist



 “Nice to see that two teams out of eight already needed a bye week.”

Rhebus Chisholm, Trailer Park Ranger



“Starting the season with a bunch of draws? Yeah, that’s…I wouldn’t want that.”

Chunt Quagley, Minnesota United Fan



“San Francisco’s franchise debut was broadcast on Twitter, in case you were wondering whether the new NASL had any chance in hell of surviving.”

Stubbs Pilgrim, Literary Secret Agent



“I’m wondering, and I guess I’m just spitballing here, but rather than having NASL and USL both be D-2 teams, what if they developed some type of contrivance wherein they were at different levels of the soccer pyramid, but the best teams from the lesser league would be ‘progressed’ to the better league, and the worst teams from the better league would be ‘relinquished’ to the lesser league. Why is literally no one talking about this notion?”

Hyde Blackman, Notary Private


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