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Should Minnesota United FC Sign John Terry?

by on 17 April 2017


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  • Jacob

    Longform at its finest.

  • Jim Oliver


  • MmattN

    completely agree

  • duluth_loon


  • Dave Laidig

    Just the right amount of exposition

  • Alex Schieferdecker

    This is the kind of premium, in-depth content that people know Fifty Five One for.

  • David Zeller

    How the hell was this not a Patreon piece?

  • Tim Braun


  • Jeff Wolter

    Luv it.

  • Dave DuJour

    Putting that English doctorate to good use again.

  • Brian Anderson Dean

    Bahahahahahahah Wes you are the best human!!!!

  • Brian Quarstad

    Wesley Clickbait Burdine

  • Scherbs

    Papa Hemingway would be proud!

  • Patrick Phenow

    This is fantastic. Right before clicking the link, I said to myself, out loud, “No.”

  • Mark

    But he mispunctuated