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The Tailgate: Miguel Ibarra Scores His First MLS Goal

by on 25 April 2017

This week, we ask the fans: “After starting the season as a back up, Miguel Ibarra notched his first MLS goal while Minnesota earned its first MLS shut out. What’s your take on Ibarra opening his account?”


“I will be wrestling the scythe from the very hands of the Grim Reaper on the day I stop mentioning these NASL players dragging Minnesota down!”

Chip Perriwinkle, MLS Broadcaster



 “I would say he really put his body on the line, but of course a line is only a one dimensional geometric representation and as such exists only conceptually and not physically, meaning Ibarra could not have actually put his body on any sort of line.”

Princella Chaquet, Braille Palm Reader


“Holding Colorado goalless is kind of like bowling a 130 with bumpers.”

Rand Blandings, Amateur Horologist



“Nice to see someone diving into the endzone at TCF Bank Stadium for a change.”

Constance Temperance, Soldier of Misfortune



“I’m not exactly sure how to phrase it, but it’s as though this young man has failed to garner the accolades that befit someone of his talent.”

Rodney Dangerfield, Respected Comedian



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