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The Tailgate: Superman Off To A Hot Start

by on 18 April 2017

This week, we ask the fans: “Christian Ramirez now sits on five goals only seven games into his MLS career, good enough for second in the Golden Boot race despite not taking any penalties this year. What do you make of Superman’s great start in MLS?”


“Right, but still, their NASL guys like Ramirez and Brent Kallman have been a huge liability for them, and I will be in a pine box when I drop that narrative.”

Chip Perriwinkle, MLS Broadcaster


 “It is time for this kid to get a USMNT call up so he can finally experience what it feels like to struggle.”

Grisela Bustos, Meteorolitrist



“Look, nobody loves Ramirez more than me; his lithe athleticism, sneakily speedy but not too quick for me, strong and secure, his chestnut eyes and confident gaze, but…anyway, I forgot where I was going with this.”

Jennifer Rolman, Harlequin Romance Copy Editor

“Yet he has no saves this year. In MLS, if you aren’t willing to play both sides of the ball, you are only hurting your team. His selfishness really shows in the ‘Goals Allowed’ column.”

Bridgette Pepper, PhD, Executive Compensation Justifier


“I wish I had eleven of him on my squad.”

Doug Rugley, Hearts of Danladi Manager




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