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The Tailgate: Kevin Molino Bags a Brace

by on 17 May 2017

This week, we ask the fans: “Despite Minnesota taking a loss against Toronto, Kevin Molino was able to find his scoring boots and netted twice against the league leaders. What is your take on Molino’s return to form?”


“Obviously he did well, because he doesn’t have that tainted NASL blood coursing through his veins.”

Chip Perriwinkle, MLS Broadcaster


 “It’s clear how important chemistry is to this team, as well as philosophy. What I’m concerned about is how little emphasis is put on algebra, social studies, or even the arts.”

Jorb Deacon, Semi-Professional LARPer


“Right, but two Canadian goals is only like a third of a goal U.S.”

Sally Selena, Unemployed White House PR Coordinator


“I bet while Minnesota was cheering for Mo-lino, Toronto fans were hoping for a little less -lino! Also I am so lonely.”

Patrelli Alonso, Haunted House Renovator


“Can we just pay him $300,000 more each year just so I can tell my Atlanta friends that we have a Designated Player? Pleeeease?”

Shawn Shawnson, Unemployer



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