#SKCvMIN Open Game Thread

by on 3 June 2017

When? – 4:00 p.m. CDT, Saturday, June 3
Where? – Children’s Mercy Park, Kansas City, Kansas
How to Watch? ESPN
How to Listen? myTalk 107.1


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  • Alex Schieferdecker

    We deserve a win away. I think we’ll have a lot of trouble scoring here, but if Taylor holds, we might keep them off the board too. If we can keep it close, we can steal one.

    Still, it’ll be tough. SKC are a strong team, and they’re not screwing around for this, they recalled Besler from the national team camp just for this game.

  • Troy Kadlec

    The winner will be a combination of who presses most effectively and punishes mistakes by the other team. That said, this will be an uphill battle for us. We have the advantage on the wings, but we’re going to be a little slower and more disjointed in the middle. If Kallman and Taylor can hold the middle down, we’ll be OK. If Taylor disappoints, then I’m guessing we may see Greenspan in this role when Calvo is off for international duty.

    We need our offense to click today. Molino needs to earn his check and Ibarra and Ramirez need to execute today. I would love to see Jome assert himself as he seems to have the tools to be a solid player for us.

    Looking forward to a good game from the Loons today!!!

  • bartgott

    Any way to watch this game online if I don’t have ESPN on cable? Blacked out on MLSLive.

  • Alex Schieferdecker

    Goodness that was horrible. We just cannot play a three man midfield, for whatever reason. Warner is slow. Schuller is still struggling. Just a total mess.

    • mumbleblade

      “For whatever reason” = Warner is slow and lost. He’s out of position too often to anchor the 3, and he can’t get out wide quick enough to be on the outside of the 3. He’s a #8 in a flat 4-4-2 and that’s about it.

      I give Schuller a pass due to rust and being unexpectedly subbed in early, deployed in a Plan B formation with the aforementioned Warner and the free-roaming Ibson.

      TL;DR We need depth that fits our system i.e. not Warner.

  • John Asbury

    If there was ever a question about how valuable Calvo and Cronin are to our team, we just got the answer. The loss of Ibarra didn’t help. To be honest, though, I was skeptical we were gonna win this game regardless.

    • mumbleblade

      Calvo and Cronin would have limited the embarrassment. If we’d have gotten out of that first half at 0-0, their leadership could have inspired the team to push for a goal early in the second half, and at least hold on for a point. Without them, that didn’t even seem possible.

  • Troy Kadlec

    I didn’t expect to win, but at least we could have attempted to compete. Ten seconds in we weren’t even trying to establish any possession. I’m sure the heat factored into some of the lackluster play, but our guys did not even attempt to out hustle the opponent or make forays into the SKC half until after the half. The passing was maddening and there were back passes even when there were acres of space in front of us. Molino tried to play for maybe 10 minutes. We need someone in that midfield to attack. We left Ramirez on an island and couldn’t feed him anything. The one time we did, he nearly came through. This entire team needs to elevate it’s urgency. I’m hoping we bring in some quality during the upcoming tranfer window.

    Calvo’s leadership was sorely missed. Kallman looked a little overwhelmed with trying to direct traffic and defend at the same time.

    Schuller looks out of place. I don’t think we are using him effectively and it looks like he might not fit the scheme Inchy is putting together. That said, he did at least send in some dangerous balls on occassion.

    I thought we’d be able to compete on the wings, but we didn’t really compete anywhere on the field today. I’m hoping the team rebounds before we play again. I’ll support these guys, but I want to see them push and play with confidence.

    Our supporters were the best thing about today’s game! Hats off to them as they were audible on TV throughout the match.

    • mumbleblade

      I think Warner was the one out of place (not Schuller), literally and figuratively. Seems he was never in the correct position – absolutely absent for the whole game.

      Regarding ‘scheme’ fit: Once Ibarra was subbed off early we didn’t play our usual scheme (see: Wing Depth, Lack Thereof), so can’t really judge Schuller based on that. I think Schuller would fit it better in our usual 4-2-3-1 than he did in the 3-man midfield they fell back on. In 4-2-3-1 Schuller may be best used as a change-of-pace/depth for Ibson’s roaming role next to Cronin, or even as the #10 in the center of a more defensive/possession-based front 4 (replacing purer attacking options J.Venegas/Danladi). God forbid Cronin is absent ever again, but if he is I’d like to see Ibson & Schuller paired in a flat 4 man midfield. If they could communicate and be disciplined defensively we could have a midfield with wicked passing range/vision to unlock packed defenses.

      But maybe absence makes the heart grow fonder, and I just want to see more of Schuller because of that.

      • Troy Kadlec

        I think Schuller has more to offer. Everything he looked good at in his tape is everything we have not been as a team. Schuller plays a flowing streaming attacking style and we have been a choppy, blast it up the wings and hope a cross connects. If we can get back to the angled attacking we were successful with earlier in the season, we could use his passing acumen.

        In getting better defensively, we’ve struggled in the midfield connection. I was glad to see Johan work his way back into the lineup as he seems to really trigger the interplay passing like nobody else on the team seems to do consistently.

        We need more depth across the board, but another playmaker in the midfield to bolster the 4 up front could help us be consistently competetive.

        Cronin the Barbarian’s services were sorely missed. You really appreciate the amount of space he covers and how he clogs up the lanes for the opposing teams.

    • mumbleblade

      Also FWIW I agree re: Molino. I don’t know what his deal was but as the best player in the 18 we needed him to shine. Instead he looked like he gave up on some plays early.

  • nomadic loon

    might want to fix the thread template… i believe the games are on AM 1500KSTP/ESPN. I really try to listen….. hoping Kyndra will add more so there’s less mumbling.