FiftyFive.One Podcast 50: Golden Gophers, Golden Loons

by on 29 August 2017

Minnesota United got its first road win in MLS (and their first as a team in 503 days), so we’re going to celebrate that. Not before Wes gets angry about the team’s inability to not just, you know, pass the ball directly at the opposition.
Matt Privratsky joins the pod to talk about the University of Minnesota Gophers soccer team. He has been covering them for FiftyFive.One and they are undefeated in the first four matches of the season.

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  • MmattN

    Throughout all of Matt’s description of Gophers all I heard in the background was the drum beat from Bikini Kills “Carnival”… Did anyone else hear that? I am gonna go back and listen to his portion of the podcast just to make sure.

    • Wes

      I assume you’re talking about that annoying as heck electric static? Sorry about that. Matt is apparently electric.

      • MmattN

        No it is I who should be saying sorry, that was just my inebriated attempt to convey how hyped Matt’s talk of the Gophers team got me. Looking at it sober this morning I can see how vague and confusing my post was.

        • Wes

          sober article comments are not encouraged.

        • Matt Privratsky

          My brother basically said the same thing. I came across as super amped. Which is warranted. Because this team is super fun to cover. And now I’m listening to a sweet drum beat

  • Tres Gatos

    That noise 🙉🙉🙉

    • Wes

      I know. There are actually now two noises. It’s killing me more than you because I can’t figure out the source.

      • Tres Gatos

        I still powered through. I know there was that fart sounding noise the past few pods, but there was the new one added this time out. Good luck figuring it out! 🤙👊🤓