News in Brief: Ramirez Recovery, Land Acquisition, and More

by on 21 August 2017

With the final 10 games of the season on the horizon, Minnesota and the rest of MLS are closing in on the final stretch of the season. There’s a lot of news, so let’s get to it.

Minnesota news

Christian Ramirez is working to come back from his injury.

For the game against Seattle on Sunday night, Minnesota United turned to Sam Nicholson for set pieces.

Jeff Rueter spoke with Adrian Heath about United’s struggles and why the Loons can’t give up.

Ismaila Jome is working hard to develop his ability as a left back.

The grass destined for Cloud City was planted in Colorado this week.

Two former Thunder players (Luchi Gonzales and Freddy Juarez) were named in Top Drawer Soccer’s “Top 10 Coaches Under 40”.

Bill McGuire bought more land around the future home of Cloud City. Brian Quarstad reported that possibility first two weeks ago.


According to Rueter, two current Minnesota players had several offers made over the summer transfer window:

Minnesota United might be on the hunt for a new winger…

And he has four kidneys.

Other bits

The Portland Thorns set a season-high attendance record.

MLS roundup

Minnesota lost 2-1 in the dying moments to Seattle

New York City beat New England 2-1

San Jose and Philadelphia drew 2-2

Houston fell 2-1 to Vancouver

D.C. United finally won in a 1-0 affair at Colorado

Sporting Kansas City downed FC Dallas 2-0

Chicago lost 3-1 to Toronto FC

Orlando and Columbus were even at 1-1

Montreal triumphed over Real Salt Lake 3-1

Portland defeated New York Red Bulls 2-0

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  • Troy Kadlec

    I feel a little bad for the bowling alley, but the rest of that mall is dying. If the owners of the bowling alley have any business sense, they should be able to make a go of it in a new location or maybe work something out with McGuire. It’s not like McGuire won’t be looking to develop the location and a successful community business could make a compelling argument to be a part of that new development. The previous landlords put McGuire in a position to force his hand and its not like the intentions haven’t been known for some time. All the proposed drawings show the entire area redeveloped. A good business owner looks at all the options and doesn’t wait for providence to shine on them. The dates have been well known for some time.
    That said, it would be nice to see McGuire work with the community (if they’re willing to work with him). So far, the previous landlords were doaking in as much money as they could without improving the area. I’ll be interested to see how this all shakes out long term, but there are going to be some changes in the short term.

    • Brian Quarstad

      A few clarifications, Troy. The mall is not dying but is actually quite successful, making money and rarely ever has vacancy.
      Bowling alleys are not huge money makers. The equipment in that alley is old and it’s super expensive to tear out old equipment and either replace or move. It’s been an important part of the fabric of Midway but as you said they have known for a while now this was coming. Also, no one is getting forced out of their leases without either a payoff of some sort or an exit agreement in their lease. I’m not sure the bowling alley is telling all sides of the issue here.
      Also, the redevelopment of the entire shopping center is in a ‘master plan’ and not locked in stone and will be done in phases. Of course McGuire will want newer better looking mixed use buildings to compliment the stadium, but most of those leases on the north (Mc Donalds and Perkins) and to the east along Pascal are all long term leases. None of that is going anywhere for a while.
      Lastly, McGuire along with current owner Rick Birdoff has been working with the community for quite some time now as was part of the process of Minnesota United getting the land on the Bus Barn. That area has long been slated for a transit oriented redevelopment. You can read all about that on the City of St. Paul’s website here:

      • Troy Kadlec

        Thank you Brian, I held a couple of misconceptions about the state of the area. Most of my experience with that area is prior to the light rail construction, so it’s probably a bit dated. The link provided was very informative. I think I know more about the soil remediation that I cared to!
        I’m glad to hear both the old and new landlords are working with the community. I don’t think there is anywhere you can locate a project like this in a metro area where everyone is going to be happy. It’s hard to find the type of space for development with the needed amenities and state and local leaders even willing to consider the idea.
        So much of the stadium opposition is rooted in deals that MN United had nothing to do with. It generates a lot of passion and makes the planning an uphill battle form the start. I want the stadium to be successful and I want the residents of Midway to not get shafted in the process. That said, a project of this magnitude is not going to make everyone happy and change is inevitable. You can’t redevelop without the demolition, construction and associated hassles.