FiftyFive.One St. Paul Mayoral Candidate Survey

by on 6 November 2017

On Tuesday, Nov. 7, Americans everywhere should go to the polls. But in the future home of Minnesota United FC, St. Paul has a very important mayoral election going on.

We at FiftyFive.One love politics almost as much as we love soccer. Since local politics has played such an important role in soccer, we thought it also important that we get our local candidates to weigh in on the biggest soccer issues of the day.

Accordingly we sent a three question survey to the candidates. If you’re looking for candidates’ takes on other, far less important issues, go over to or read up on the last debate.

The inaugural FiftyFive.One St. Paul Mayoral Candidate Survey

We wanted to keep our survey to the most relevant aspects of St. Paul and soccer knowledge, so we kept it brief.

1. Your favorite Minnesota United FC player?

This question would allow us to understand the candidate’s taste. Do they like attacking flair? Would they choose the local boy? Or, would they pick the coolest sounding name and go with Vadim Demidov?

2. Favorite non-Minnesota United FC soccer team?

Again, a question of taste? Do they go obscure? Are they bandwagon? Would someone just pick FC St. Pauli for sake of ease?

3. Wenger: In or Out?

There is no more important issue facing world soccer today than the hotly debated talking point: should Arsenal’s Arsene Wenger be fired? This question has broken careers and it will likely make or break this election.

The responses

Melvin Carter III, Democrat

1. Christian Ramirez. We finally get a chance to see him suit up for the national team, but I can’t wait to see him suit up in St. Paul.

2. St. Paul alone has some outstanding soccer teams. We’re lucky to have top level Division 1 women’s soccer at the U, so I’d probably have to give it to the Gophers.

3. There comes a time when new leadership is needed to take us in a new direction. That’s true for St. Paul and that’s true for Arsenal.

Dai Thao, Democrat

1. Kevin Molino.

2. Borussia Dortmund.

3. Wenger Out. Fresh idea, new energy, and bold direction is good for any team and city alike.


Elizabeth Dickinson, Green

1. Abu Danladi.

2. Liverpool.

3. If we’re talking Arsene Wenger [leaving] Arsenal, I think I’m in favor of a new approach. (But it all depends on whether you judge success by economic viability or by recent overall wins…)

Tom Goldstein, Democrat

 Did not respond.




Pat Harris, Democrat

 Did not respond.




Tim Holden, Independent

Editor’s Note: Mr. Holden chose an alternative mode of response captured in the following transcript:

We can NOT afford to subsidize Taxes for 50 years.
Real men Pay TO Play

FiftyFive.One: Thanks for your reply to our survey. Just to clarify: is that Wenger In or Out?

TH: They are ALL OUT if they do not PAY UP

Kara Lynum, Write-In, #BanCars

1. Like most people, the backup goalkeeper is my favorite. Patrick McLain is my favorite since he’s also from Eau Claire.

2. Hmmm… I had to google “professional soccer teams” to answer this. Let’s go with Vancouver Whitecaps because Vancouver is awesome and Canadian.

3. Knowing absolutely nothing about this, I’m going to confidently say In. Very In.


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  • Dave Williams

    I do not understand Mr. Holden’s response?

  • Dave Benhart

    But what about the bigger city mayoral candidates?

    • Wes

      I didn’t poll them mostly because I thought at least STP candidates have a reason to respond.

      • Grondl

        You just didn’t want to trigger Betsy.

    • David Zeller

      Also who cares about Rochester? 😉

  • Benjamin MacKenzie

    I look forward to these answers being thrown back at the eventually winner in 4 years as a referendum on their foresight and awareness of talent. (It we may well dismantle the last car in town, but if we aren’t building a statute of Patrick McLain, we’ll remain skeptical of their judgement.)

  • MmattN

    Is this real or joke story? I hope it’s real cause it’s pretty cool to see the response from those that participated. If it’s a joke its cool but a bit less cool than real.

    • Wes

      real story. I promise

  • Bryn Shank

    Does Melvin know something I do not? Was Ramirez called in for the Nov.14th friendly against Portugal?

    • Wes

      Melvin is actually our inside track to all breaking news.

      • Bryn Shank

        I find it very fitting that you got no response from Mr.Goldstein.

  • STPCommuter

    TG still thinks all they’re doing in Midway is collecting soil samples, so I’m not surprised he didn’t respond.

    • David Zeller