MLS Roster Deadline Round-Up: Here is Who’s Available

by on 28 November 2017

On Monday, November 28th most MLS squads made some big roster announcements. Clubs that weren’t involved in the playoffs announced whose contracts had been extended, declined, or just expired.

There are a number of players now available that stand out: Mattias Laba, Nick Rimando, Kyle Beckerman, Mike Grella, Jose Villareal, Teal Bunbury, and the legendary Alan Gordon, to name a few. Matt Doyle has a great run-down of the best players available from the bunch.

But MLS being MLS means that players going out of contract isn’t exactly a straightforward process. Some of those players will renegotiate contracts as their clubs can use this chance to work out lower contracts.

A few players will be available for free agency, but this status is for only a select group of MLS players. Free agents have to be over 28 years old and have eight years of MLS play under their belt.

Other players will be available for the Re-Entry Draft on December 15th and 21st. Read more about eligibility for this draft here

A final group of players will be put into the Waiver Draft. Learn more about that process here.

There is no comprehensive list of players available from this process, so we have started to put together a spreadsheet. You can check out a list of all the players whose contracts ended. (Please do not link directly to the spreadsheet).


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  • Benjamin MacKenzie

    Reading through the spreadsheet of names feels a little like standing in the grocery store soup aisle, staring at variations of Campbell’s Soup, trying to remember which you liked and which you were ambivalent about. “Do I really *want* Christian Bolanos, or am I confusing him with Chunky Steak and Potato?”

    • Wes

      I had a really similar reaction. Like wait, do I remember this guy’s name for good or bad reasons or was he good like 5 years ago?

  • Adam

    FYI, Gershon Koffie’s loan is expiring and there’s no option to purchase. Don’t know if that means he should go red in your listing, but that’s why he’s on any of the lists at all.

    • Wes

      will update. thanks. Anyone else with corrections/additions, send them along!

  • David Sterling

    VanO is a good name for me at GK. He’d be a good #2, if we plan on staying with Bobby. I do wonder about that though. I also like Kip Colvey, and we could use depth at LB (though Doyle thinks he belongs at Rapids or Sounders) or Fire’s Patrick Doody; or maybe, is it time to find a RB and give LB to Jerry who is even stronger there than he has been for us at RB? Of course, that means we need a RB. Rapids’ Dennis Castillo may not be a bad option. He is an INTL though, (but Costa Rican), and only 24. He’s played internationally as well. I also like Okugo in MF, and it’s nice he can slip into CB if necessary. I’d still bring back Taylor though. Kind of disappointed they let him go.

  • Brandon Mongeau

    The Pirlo easter egg made reading through this worth it.

    There is a ton of mediocrity in there making it tough to wade through and evaluate but thank you for doing it.

  • Chris RB

    I know that Beckerman only has half of a leg left, but I would murder to see him in an MNUFC shirt.