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Minnesota United Takes Tyrone Mears in the Re-Entry Draft

by on 15 December 2017

Minnesota United FC made its second dip into the player acquisition of the off-season by drafting right back Tyrone Mears in the Re-Entry Draft.

Now that the team has drafted Mears, they will have to either exercise his option or make him a “bona fide offer.” Last season, Mears was paid $183,756 in guaranteed compensation.

Mears, a 34-year-old from England, will join Jérôme Thiesson as the other right back on the team.

Mears joins Minnesota United from fellow expansion team Atlanta United, where he played 1531 minutes.

The Loons had the fourth pick of the draft, after the Los Angeles Galaxy,  DC United, and the Colorado Rapids. Only Colorado and Minnesota made picks in the first round.

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  • Scherbs

    34 years old. Uff da!

  • duluth_loon

    I was a Sounders supporter since their inception in MLS and have followed them closely even after moving to Duluth in October 2015 and becoming a season ticket holder of MN United. Tyrone Mears was always a solid player for the Sounders. As the press release suggests, Mears has been remarkably durable even at his advanced age. Now even more than when he first started with the Sounders, he has to pick and choose his moments to get forward. But he’s still definitely pretty solid in 1 on 1 defending situations unless up against one of the league’s top speedsters. Sounds exactly like a player that we already have signed at that position…Thiesson!

    Contrast this move to that of a much more sophisticated and aspirational team…the Sounders….They too just signed a veteran defender in Waylon Francis, but with the intention of him providing competition for their very young and raw star in the making…Tolo Nouhou.

    So, thus far into the offseason (which for the Loons started 2+ months ago), the team has demonstrated a commitment to outright nepotism by signing the coach’s son who has played all of one match in MLS, and a commitment to veteran leadership by signing an aging (and expensive!) veteran right back to backup an aging veteran right back.

    I feel…so…uninspired.

  • Troy Kadlec

    Mears is a good pickup. He’s not ridiculously priced, he’s been a solid part of good teams in the last few years. This is the type of guy you can plug in for an injured starter, use during international breaks, and even start without fearing a large drop off in performance from your regular starters. He’s a perfect backup for either Theisson or Burch. You didn’t have to give up any TAM or GAM, you didn’t have to make a trade, and you have a player who can be a solid contributor. He’s also a much better player than Davis or Venegas who could not hack it at the MLS level. This is an upgrade in depth.

    Is he the answer we’re looking for in terms of youth and building a consistent contendor? No, of course not. But you will see signings like this EVERY year as we look to fill out depth. He became available in the right circumstance at this time.

    I agree with the concern and frustration people are expressing around the apparent slow progress of building the roster this year. Last year left a foul taste in the mouth and this year doesn’t feel much different. We’re looking for that BIG signing, the DP of our dreams, the next ascendant #10 in MLS. People are seeing articles about LAFC, Atlanta, and other teams making big moves and it generates a sense of urgency or the feeling that MNUFC is being left behind.

    I’d rather see the team take its time and get the pieces we need. That being said, it would be nice to see something that would build confidence that the team is looking to improve rather than patch a few holes.