#SJvMIN Open Game Thread

by on 3 March 2018

When? – 9:30 p.m. CDT, Saturday, March 3
Where? – Avaya Stadium, San Jose, California
How to Watch? Fox Sports North
How to Listen? 1500 ESPN


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  • Alex Schieferdecker

    I was pretty worried about this match, but now that we know it’s Opposite Day in MLS, I’m expecting a decisive victory. Minimum three goals and a clean sheet.

  • Almontanello

    Play offs: miracle.
    please avoid the wooden spoon

    • Alex Schieferdecker

      Good news: New England already moving quickly to seize the wooden spoon.

  • Wes

    I know this is stupid, but the craziness of today’s results has me thinking stupidly. Loons will win 2-1.
    Sorry about the jinx

  • Matt

    Is there anybody who wouldn’t take a point before the game? It’s hard to imagine a positive result, but anything is possible, especially after today. But result aside, the performance is going to be the key factor. I am just hoping we don’t gift any easy goals through defensive mistakes.

    I wish I could be less negative!

    • Alex Schieferdecker

      A point would be just fine for me. I’d even take a 0-0. A clean sheet would feel like a win.

  • Brian Quarstad

    After the Loons dismal preseason that displayed very little control in the midfield or opportunities to attack, I would have a hard time predicting anything but a 2-0 loss. Believe me, I want to be more optimistic but between the off field acquisitions or lack there of, and the preseason results I’m not sure how one could predict anything other thane that. PLEASE, make me eat my words #MNUFC. I’d gladly do that.

  • Alex Schieferdecker

    Mears, Boxall, Calvo, Thiesson
    Schüller, Ibson
    Finlay, Molino, Nicholson

    It’s all my favorite Adrian Heath ticks in one starting XI. Boxall inexplicably preferred to Kallman, Molino as a #10, Nicholson over Ibarra, and Ramirez doubted yet again.

    I’m worried we’re not going to get anything done until he makes substitutions. Also extremely concerned about this midfield’s appetite for defending and this back four.

    • Eric Ely

      How confident are you in Coach Heath making the right moves at the right time though? Ramirez is definitely an impact sub to come on if a goal (or two or three) is needed. Unfortunately, based on the questionable defensive chops of this midfield and the ongoing questions at the back, that isn’t out of the real of possibility.

  • Romulus N Filip

    Who will be the defensive midfielder? This is going to be hard to watch.

    • Alex Schieferdecker

      Schüller and Ibson will, in theory, share the duties, but Schüller would have to be stupid not to be extra cautious, given the way Ibson plays.

  • Troy Kadlec

    I understand Ramirez getting snubbed at the USMNT level, but on opening day for your club the second year in a row after you proved everyone wrong?!? We’re going to watch bunker and counter today aren’t we?!?

    • Alex Schieferdecker

      I don’t think this is necessarily a bunker and counter line-up, with just two defensive midfielders and Molino as the #10. I think Heath wants to hold possession and play. If San Jose is smart, they will bunker and counter, since almost this exact Loons XI couldn’t score against a USL team, and there will be acres of space behind our midfield.

      • Troy Kadlec

        They’re going to hoof it up top and hope Danladi can show some form and beat people.

        • Alex Schieferdecker

          Yep, you were right. Almost worked once.

          • Troy Kadlec

            Not happy about that. Although I will say we had some build up play and some good combo play. We seem unable to establish ourselves in the final third. San Jose doesn’t seem to need to bother with using their attackers for defense at all. They just sit and wait for our poor backpass and pounce.

  • Romulus N Filip

    VAR and they cannot see that clear handball???

    • Romulus N Filip

      And one more

  • Jeremy Thornton

    Nice addition in mears. He really played that second goal well. Woof

  • Alex Schieferdecker

    Both of those goals were on Mears, with assists from Calvo and Boxall. But both times, Mears’ guy is the one who scored. I like his aggression in the attack, but man, he is not a quick thinker in defense. Ugly, ugly awareness.

  • Troy Kadlec

    Ugh – undone by poor marking. Ibson struggling. I am happy to say we are not bunkering as I feared. We had some moments. San Jose looks sharp in the final third.

  • Jeff Wolter

    Sloppy defending and rushed attacking play, again to start a season shows a lack of confidence.

    Using more of the width after transition to attack would take away the constant pressure from SJ.
    Spread the funk out kids.

    • Alex Schieferdecker

      The inability to counter using more than one pass is glaring and unfortunate.

  • Alex Schieferdecker

    70 minutes in, no voluntary substitutions, and the team is down 0-3 and playing poorly. This again.