About FiftyFive.One

Welcome to FiftyFive.One, the new home of soccer in the North. You may have known us from our former website Northern Pitch. FiftyFive.One is our newest endeavor; An online magazine representing our next evolution, adding more writers, features, podcasts, and multimedia content. Our name comes from the average temperature in Minnesota and we want this website to be a thermometer for the sport in our region. FiftyFive.One explores the nexus of soccer and culture. It is an online magazine where the North meets the world’s game and where the world’s game meets soccer’s North.

What we do


The game is 90 minutes. But it lives and breathes in all the minutes before and after the match, rehashing the tactics and reliving the agonies and ecstasies. FiftyFive.One offers fans the stories they won’t find anywhere else, but it also takes time with the personalities who are part of soccer. Our coverage starts with Minnesota United FC, but stretches outward to the stories of the academies, youth, college, and semi-professional teams and players, and across the NASL and MLS.

The Angle

FiftyFive.One offers a soccer slant on the world around us. For fans, soccer is a touchstone and perspective from which they see the world. While soccer has always relied on fans passionately engaging with their team, it is– to use the cliché– a lifestyle. It is the DIY attitude that turns an empty field into a soccer pitch or creates elaborate banners and flags to celebrate a team. That attitude spreads beyond soccer and touches everything around us. FiftyFive.One will explore the ways in which soccer and culture– music, beer, art– are interwoven.