Recommended Reading: Courage, Pain and Reason

by on 25 November 2016

Typically, news and writing of all kinds in America slows in advance of Thanksgiving and its subsequent retail orgy, but the past week still produced a few important and a few interesting pieces.

Andy Woodward: ‘It was the softer, weaker boys he targeted’
Daniel Taylor, the Guardian
A former professional comes forward publicly in hopes others may find the strength to do so as well.

Soccer’s Unspoken Problem
Alecko Eskandarian, the Players’ Tribune
The current New York Cosmos assistant coach reflects on the physical and emotional toll of concussions.

Sunil Gulati’s Klinsmann decision will teach us plenty about U.S. Soccer’s president
Brian Straus, Sports Illustrated
Gleaning information from the weighing of a known quantity.

Jurgen Klinsmann’s excuses the final straw for U.S. soccer chiefs
Doug McIntyre, ESPN FC
Sympathy for the devil.

Bruce Arena, Replacing Jurgen Klinsmann as U.S. Coach, Keeps Things Simple
George Vecsey, the New York Times
The USMNT franchise gets a reboot.

Misinformation with Goalkeepers in American Media
Bill Reno, Everybody Soccer
MLS has done a poor job or presenting a rounded picture of any goalkeeper in the league.

Why is there no promotion and relegation in the United States?
W.S., the Economist
The Economist touches American soccer’s third rail.

Finding Ali Dia: The Man, the Myth… and Finally, the Truth
Kelly Naqi, Bleacher Report
Searching for the truth, 23 years after the climax of one of soccer’s stranger myths.

Thomas Tuchel: the rationalist thinker approaching a key juncture
Constantin Eckner, These Football Times
Following in the footsteps of everybody’s darling.