Minnesota United in Talks to Sign Finnish Midfielder Rasmus Schüller

by on 10 January 2017

File it in the “From Left Field” bin! Swedish journalist Daniel Kristoffersson reports that Minnesota is in advanced talks with BK Häcken midfielder Rasmus Schüller.

Kristoffersson writes that a transfer fee may be involved, since Schüller only arrived at the Swedish club in 2016. If so, it would be most likely that Minnesota would use Targeted Allocation Money (TAM) to pick him up. Update: Jeffrey Carlisle confirms that this will likely be a TAM signing with a transfer fee of around $750k.

Reached by email, Kristoffersson offered up something of a scouting reporting, describing Schüller as a creative, two-way midfielder: “[he’s a] smart player, who knows the game with great passing.” He also adds the caveat that Schüller is not a particularly hard-tackler and may be “a bit too nice.”

Another player familiar with Schüller on the pitch said that the Finn was an important part of Häcken’s free-flowing attack. He described the club as playing some of the best soccer in Scandinavia.

Update: Another report from a player who has played with Schüller describes him as: best as a number eight, similar to Steven Gerrard’s role. He is “very hard working both ends of the field and very good with both feet, but his left is preferred.”

The Finn has represented his nation over 30 times between all age levels. Most recently, he earned a start in Finland’s friendly win over Morocco. He also made a second-half appearance in their World Cup Qualifying loss to Croatia.

Manny Lagos visited Sweden during his scouting trip. While Häcken was not on his official itinerary, he did spend at least a day in Gothenburg, where the club is based.

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  • Jake

    He is listed a #6, meaning a defensive midfielder and only 25. I love that we are building with young guys.

    • John Herman

      The description of his game sure doesn’t sound like a 6 to me, but I do really like this move. And ditto on the young guys, especially int’l-quality guys who play attractive soccer. Sounds more like he’s bumping Saeid to the bench, but they can sort it out between the two of them in Swedish.

      I am really curious to see what our lineups look like though with all the versatility going on. Especially halfway through the season when we’re resting guys here and there.

      Oh, and I kind of like having a Scandinavian influx going on as part of the team/regional identity, especially if they can thrive in MLS. If nothing else they’re prepared to play in the cold.

      • Jake

        Yeah I don’t know if I see him as a true #6, and if Heath really wants to use Venegas and Davis out of the back, we need a solid #6 to fill in.

        • John Herman

          Good point, and I would love for that 6 to be a DP-caliber destroyer. But that leaves Schuller as an 8, and that doesn’t leave much room for my “trade up for Yueill” pipe dream.

          • Hopeful Balls

            Though isn’t that Demidov guy they signed allegedly equally comfortable as a #6 even though he’s announced as a CB? Not negating the need for a dedicated high quality destroyer but I don’t think Warner is our only option at this point.

          • Kyle Eliason

            @disqus_h7yDMCCFjq:disqus – I don’t think Yueill is in anyone’s starting XI to begin the season, so I don’t think signing Schüller rules out drafting Yueill on its own.

          • John Herman

            Well yeah but now Schuller, Saeid, Martin, and Yueill all would have mostly overlapping roles. There are some minutes at the 6 and 10 and maybe on the wings if we don’t add another starting-caliber 6 or attacking depth, but someone’s not going to play much. But who knows what Heath is seeing here. I guess J-Ven can play on the right too and it wouldn’t surprise me if we only get Yueill in the first place by trading Warner or Saeid. And it’s not like Martin is even a lock to make the bench every week.

            Well I set out to show how much of a logjam drafting Yueill would cause but never mind. I guess I can still be crushed when we don’t get him.

  • Spence

    “a bit too nice.” ???
    Apparently Minnesota’s reputation has not made it to Scandinavia.

  • Blake Johnson

    Agreed – love the influx of young talent with international experience. Still a bit worried about our back line and GK situation…

  • “A bit too nice” and “defensive midfielder” should never be used to describe the same person.
    And we can pick up an average MLS level keeper at any point. I’m sure it will occur to the front office at some point before kickoff. If not, that’s what preseason games are for.

    • Tyler Gilboe

      Agreed, I really like the prospect of Steve Clark coming here soon. Don’t see what the risk would be, really. Only 30 and had 100 appearances for Columbus Crew before being let go. Think he’d serve well as a #1 or even a back up here.

    • Kyle Eliason

      I don’t get the sense he is typically employed as a destroyer. If he is tasked with operating from deep, I assume it’d be more as a regista.

      • Offensive Loons Fan

        Having someone like Osvaldo Alonso isn’t really United’s style, based on their signings to date.

        • John Herman

          Yeah but neither is having someone like a GOALIE!!

          jk jk. Why not? As Jake notes below, we have two fullbacks that like to get up. Isn’t a stay-at-home 6 part of that style? Admittedly, our current fullbacks might not be starters come March so that might not matter.

          Does Heath take more of an 8+8=6 approach in the 4-2-3-1? I had assumed that an Alonso type would be a perfect fit so I’m wondering what you’re seeing.

        • Bill Stenross

          Demidov is a destroyer.

    • Jeff Rueter

      I don’t understand the continued highlighting of the goalkeeping situation. No, the club doesn’t have any. It just means they want to get it right and are doing their due diligence in scouting. We could make the first 25 signings field players, and if the last 3 goalkeepers are respectable, they did well. That’s what matters — the roster for opening weekend.

      • Jake

        Agreed. We need to settle down and understand that when the season starts we will have goalkeepers and we will have kits.

  • Troy Kadlec

    There is a nice highlight reel for Rasmus on Youtube. He has excellent passing, good attacking instincts and picks out great angles. Obviously a highlight reel focuses on the positives, but you can see the skill and he’s played against good teams. I’m excited to see what he can do for us.

    • John Herman

      Okay nice, the last 3 seconds of half the clips in Schuller’s highlight video are pretty much identical to the first 3 seconds of half the clips on Ibarra’s highlight video. Lots of out-of-nowhere bombs to put the left winger in on goal. That looks like a really nice tool to have.