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The Tailgate: MNUFC Lands Kevin Molino

by on 31 January 2017

This week we ask the fans: “Minnesota United surprised many by acquiring talented forward Kevin Molino from Orlando City, trading a record amount of TAM and GAM to secure the player. What do you think about United’s latest addition?”


“Is he a right winger? He’s not? Ok, so no right wingers then, ever? Got it.”

Elizabeth Tanner, Adult Film Character Actor


 “It has been exciting to watch his career progress like this. A couple more strong years and he might even make the jump to the NHL.”

Raymond Gunter, Pasty Chef


“$450,000 of GAM and $200,000 of TAM is way too pricey when they could have had Harry Shipp for $200,000 of BLAM! and $150,000 of ZOW!”

Blair Constantine, Cremator Chimneysweep


“He has a wonderful first touch: gentle and passionate, giving the ball what it needs, yet firm enough to be in control, unafraid to take what he wants, the ball yielding to his touch, pressure building and building breathlessly until finally he shoots! So… yes… a very good first touch.”

Rikku Takahashi, Off-Duty Lifeguard

“He should be able to find space behind opposing defenses, as space extends infinitely in all directions.”

Benjamin Graeme, Bullfighting PR Rep

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