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The Tailgate: Minneapolis City Disqualified From U.S. Open Cup

by on 7 February 2017

This week we ask the fans: “Minneapolis City SC was disqualified from the Lamar Hunt U.S. Open Cup after changing leagues in the offseason.  What is your take on City’s disqualification?”


“This is what makes the Open Cup so thrilling.  Any team, on any given night, can be screwed by the USSF, just like the big boys!”

Prvoslav Bogdanic, Coroner’s Auditor


 “The people who live in Minneapolis City will be devastated.”

Harriet Browner, eBay Auctioneer


“Somewhere, a high school renting its stadium is going to be $100 poorer.”

Rich Blanco, Video Game Streamer


“Soccer may be the only sport where you can reasonably place prop bets on a game never even happening at all.”

Bridgette Jacobs, Bitcoin Polisher


“USSF has fired a clear warning shot to lower league teams in the US.  Don’t you dare seek lower operating costs and greater stability, that isn’t how we do soccer in this country.”

Glenn Wickhamshire, Tom Hanks’ Bodyguard

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