News in Brief: Stadium Bill Progress, Jaime Watson Welcomes New Family Member, and More

by on 7 March 2017

Minnesota United’s stadium makes progress in the House

The bill that would grant Minnesota United a property tax exemption for its planned Midway stadium, as well as a sales tax exemption on the materials needed to build the proposed $150 million facility, faced no opposition in a Minnesota House panel hearing. Those provisions are identical to the pair included in a larger tax bill that was vetoed by the governor for unrelated reasons last session.

The cost of an MLS academy

Transparency and MLS haven’t always gotten along. So when Sports Illustrated’s Grant Wahl asked MLS teams how much they spent on their academies over the course of a season, it was a bit of a surprise when nine teams answered. Will Parchman of Top Drawer Soccer dissects those numbers and compares them to clubs around the world.

Feel old yet

Here is a video of 12-year-old American Jack Panayotou. Panayotou is a part of Global Premier Soccer which is a soccer organization that operates across the U.S. and Canada, focusing on developing young soccer players, and has an affiliation with Bayern Munich. Do you feel old yet? I sure do.

News bits

Today in awesome

Congratulations to former Loon and current MNUFC sideline reporter Jaime Watson on the birth of his child!

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  • MmattN

    Really enjoyable piece by Richard Farley though I thought he was a bit too harsh on Demidov. My only issue I had with Demidov in the game was that Adi towered over him and had his way physically the entire match.

    • Kaleb Olson

      I’d have to agree. Demidov had a decent 79 minutes, unfortunately all anyone will remember is those last three goals.