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The Tailgate: MNUFC Shutout Streak Snapped

by on 2 May 2017

This week, we ask the fans: “Following a nightmare start to the season in which they allowed 18 goals in four games, Minnesota United posted four consecutive halves of shutout soccer, a streak which was broken this weekend by San Jose. What is your take on Minnesota’s much improved defense?”


“Well over the last two games we’ve only allowed one goal, but we’ve also only scored one goal. We sign two Colorado defenders and we have become the Rapids.”

Belinda Reger, Vacuum Cleaner


 “Sometimes all it takes is a simple fix, like replacing three out of four defenders, your defensive midfielder, your goalkeeper, and playing two of the worst offensive teams in the league.”

Nicole Windwum, Adjunct Professor Emeritus


“I tell you they may not look very good in the standings, but these Loons are winning a lot of hearts. Actually, it’s exactly like playing Hearts.”

Ryder Svobodka, Easter Egg Hunter


“I paid over $100 for tickets for myself, my husband, and my three kids, and spent half the game making potty runs and cleaning nacho cheese out of my eyelashes. It was a blast.”

Dawn Franklin, Mother of Four

“It’s almost like we built a ‘Wonderwall’ around the goal and found an ‘Oasis’ in our desert of MLS results, and got a something something ‘Liam Gallagher’.”

Brayden Lovecraft, McDonald’s Menu Chemist


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