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Christian Ramirez Set for USMNT Callup

by on 6 January 2018

No American man has scored more club goals in the past four years than Minnesota United FC’s Christian Ramirez. Now, for the first time, he will get to show off his talents for the U.S. men’s national team.

FiftyFive.One has confirmed with multiple sources that Minnesota United striker, Christian Ramirez will be called in to the USMNT’s annual January camp. The January camp, nicknamed “Camp Cupcake,” is typically a lower stakes opportunity for U.S.-based players to break into the international level. Ramirez will have the chance to earn his first cap against Bosnia and Herzegovina in Carson, California, on the 28th.

The opportunity has been a long time coming. Ramirez first caught the eye of then-USMNT head coach Jürgen Klinsmann as he scored twenty goals in 2014, his first NASL season. But when USMNT scouts traveled to Minnesota to watch him, it was teammate and best friend Miguel Ibarra that impressed. That led to Ibarra receiving several call-ups, while Ramirez continued to toil away with the Loons, drawing intermittent attention, but still little known outside of Minnesota and NASL circles.

When United moved to MLS, Ramirez nearly moved to Liga MX. But the Loons swayed him with a late offer, and he returned to fight for a spot in the top American league and prove that his goalscoring talent would translate up a division. Doubts faded quickly, when he scored the club’s first-ever goal in MLS just minutes after substituting into the season opener. Despite a frustrating year, in which he was consistently deprived of service, Ramirez nonetheless managed to score 14 goals, leading all Americans in goals from open play.

The USMNT’s failure to qualify for the World Cup in October removed the last justifiable obstacle for Ramirez to finally get a national team call-up, breaking open the player pool for a national side looking to reboot.

The full roster is expected to be announced on Monday.

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  • Michael Seidl

    Congratulations. It’s about time. Let’s see CR21 replace Bobby Wood and get a late winner in Gold Cup 2019

  • Abort Mission

    Too old and not good enough at the international level like most mls forwards.

    • Ian

      He is the same age or younger than any of the currents strikers on the team. And he hasn’t been given a chance at the international level yet. So far every time he moves up a level he keeps scoring so I see no reason to think he won’t at the international level.

    • Ronnie T

      How do you know he’s not good enough?? Let people who know better make those determinations, and since when is being 25 y/o too old to pay that level?! No disrespect intended, but your comments are just out of ignorance on a lot of levels

    • Jacob

      Not a great look if you can’t be bothered to suggest an alternative.

      • Abort Mission

        There is no alternative other than Josh Sargent and Amon. Bringing in some mediocre 26 year old MLS forward who hasn’t done anything of note is not doing our mediocre program any favors for Qatar.

        • Ian

          So you’re saying that being the top scoring american from open play in MLS, even when missing 2 months of the season due to injury in his first season at the top division isn’t of note? And your saying he’s proved nothing compared to a player who scored some goals at the U-17,U-20 WCs which historically haven’t given much indication of where players will go. Nothing against Sargent, I think he’s a good player with a lot of potential, but the last player to do what he did U-17 and 20 WCs was Freddy Adu and we all know how that turned out.

          • Abort Mission

            MLS is a mediocre league so no, it doesn’t mean anything. This Ramirez guy spent most of his career in the second division Nasl which is even more terrible in quality and had a “wonder season” in….MLS. Maybe stop overrating MLS nobodies, and start rating the talented kids instead? MLS is the reason our players regressed and became clowns like Michael Bradley showed recently.

          • David Sterling

            Yet Sargent and Amon have done something? They’ve done less than Ramirez. Your very own argument would suggest an end to international football, because everyone at some point is required a first chance to prove themselves, otherwise, there would be no one.
            You could very well be correct that Ramirez may not be the answer, or even part of the answer, but our current squad needs new blood, so he deserves his chance to prove us wrong (or right).
            As pointed out by Ronnie T above, your comments wreak of ignorance, and I’ll add sheer stupidity; because again, literally everyone had at one point or another, not “done anything of note”.

          • Abort Mission

            Let’s not play stupid here, you have to be an absolute idiotic moron to suggest that a 26 year old forward who spent his career in a lower division American league and a mediocre league like MLS is somehow deserving of a look over budding 18 year old talents who have a tremendous upside in terms of potential. Josh Sargent and Jonathan Amon have both been heavily scouted and highly valued by European scouts and have also demonstrated potential on the field.

            To suggest that Sargent and Amon don’t deserve looks because they are in Europe not scoring goals or just earning minutes – compared to Ramirez scoring in a league that treats defending as an afterthought like MLS – is just ludicrous. We are trying to build a strong foundation of good young players who compete at a high international level for Qatar 2022, not set up another MLS national team disaster like 2017 hex qualifying. What is a 26 year old nobody from a joke league going to provide in 4 years when he’s 30 and still playing in a mediocre league? Another Jozy Altidore? Give me a break. You shills don’t care about the national team, you just want MLS representation at the cost of our national team’s potential.

          • David Sterling

            Lol, well, if you actually were intelligent, you’d know why Sargent and Amon were not selected, and why Ramirez was.
            As for whether anyone is deserving, time will tell.

          • Abort Mission

            They were selected because it’s an irrelevant MLS camp cupcake which is practically a waste a time considering the low level of domestic talent in MLS. Just another camp for MLS/SUM marketing and to get some money for friendlies from suckers like you.

          • David Sterling

            Well first, they weren’t selected (not were), but that’s still not the reason, well not entirely anyway.

          • Ian

            However you rate MLS doesn’t really matter, that’s where most Americans play and there aren’t enough oversees to make a full roster. Therefore some guys from MLS are going to be called up. And Ramirez has been the best American striker in goals per game, scoring more than Sapong, Dwyer or Altidore who have been making the team. This wasn’t some “wonder season”, he’s been doing this for years. Bottom line is he has earned his chance to become a regular. And it shows how much you actually know when you call the second best player on the US national team a clown. Playing in a lower league doesn’t have to decrease your value, look at what happened with Paulinho who was playing in China and is now a key player for Barcelona.

          • Abort Mission

            Oh I see, another MLS clown shill drinking the Don Garber koolaid. Yeah, Michael Bradley “one of the best players”… yeah sure, he looked so great being manhandled by Costa Rica and jogging like a lazy entitled ego who couldn’t be bothered against the mighty Trinidad and Tobago.

            Paulinho is a Brazilian player and had his own merits prior to moving to China and returning to Europe. There’s no equivalent American because they all regress to mediocrity when coming back to a weak league like MLS. But what do I know, I’m clearly not as intelligent as you My Little Soccer hipsters who like to overrate every one season MLS all star while ignoring reality.

          • Ian

            Congrats, you have brought up two games where the entire US national team played like crap. In case you don’t realize nobody in this entire comment section has claimed that the MLS is a good league, in fact you are the only person who has even called it mediocre. Everyone is just saying that based on who the national team has been calling recently Ramirez has earned his chance to to fight for a national team spot. Nobody has said that this means that young promising players should not also be given a chance. We have 5 years until the 2022 WC since its going to be in November so that gives us plenty of time to try out different players before choosing the core to build our team around for the WC and qualifiers. Do I think Ramirez will be a key player leading up to 2022 and during, I don’t know. Do I think he will score some goals for the USA, depends how much of a chance he is given. Do I think he’s earned a chance to represent his country, absolutely.

            Since you didn’t like my Paulinho comparison, here’s a more solid one. Carlos Bacca wasn’t a professional player until well into his twenties, his first full time professional season was when he was 25 before then he always had to work a second job. He was given a chance and now has played for some of the best teams in Europe and has earned many calls to the Colombian nation team. He helped Colombia to preform in the copa america and WC qualifiers at the same age Ramirez will be for 2022 qualifiers.

            As of now you have written 6 paragraphs in this comment section without bringing up a single valid point as to why Ramirez should not be called up to the national team. I’m tired of arguing with someone who refuses to listen to the points of others and seems to think that theirs is the only opinion that matters. But them again I’m just a “soccer hipster” talking to an apparent soccer genius who knows all the hottest US soccer prospects what could I possibly know.

          • David Sterling

            If you knew anything at all, you’d know why so many of those players haven’t been called up recently.

          • Abort Mission

            “They aren’t ready”

            “They haven’t been called into camp”

            “MLS is good enough”

            Nice Arena koolaid.

          • David Sterling

            Sorry buddy, but those aren’t the reasons at all. Apparently you’re not as smart as you think. Oh, and I hate Arena, putting him in charge for a second time was the biggest mistake USSF ever made.

  • Troy Kadlec

    It’s about time! Christian has a knack for picking out the shot no matter where he’s at. It will be interesting to see how he does with this opportunity.