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One Last Tifo: Dark Clouds Prep for NSC Finale

by on 28 October 2016

Even in the best case scenario where Minnesota reaches the NASL final the match against the Cosmos on Saturday will be the last for United in the National Sports Center stadium. Whether you love or hate the Nessie, this is a milepost in the journey of the team. The final match at NSC: the last home NASL match. What will be the best way to celebrate the team and close out this chapter in their history? Its something Dark Clouds member AJ Jahnig has had on his mind.

A tifo honoring Prince the weekend after his death earlier this year. Photo by Jeremy Olson -

A tifo honoring Prince the weekend after his death earlier this year. Photo by Jeremy Olson –

In August, Jahnig volunteered to lead the Dark Clouds tifo effort. Tifo the choreographed displays by supporters at the start of the match can go in several different directions: ribbing the opponent, commenting on a current event, promoting the team, humorous, solemn, graphically stunning. Some of the best are an elegant combination.

Its nerve wracking for my end because you dont really know whats good or bad when it comes to tifo when youve never done it before, but I think its exciting, says Jahnig. I think its a good send off, so to speak, for the NSC and NASL, overall. I know everyone in Dark Clouds wants to do something memorable and something that will be a good culmination of seven years of memories, so to speak. I hope this fits the bill for that I think it does. Im pretty excited about it.

Photo by Jeremy Olson -

The tifo from the home opener was possibly the first to be made of blankets that were then donated to those in need. Photo by Jeremy Olson –

Jahnig got some guidance from Ben Pfutzenreuter, who led the Dark Clouds tifo effort a few years ago. Working together, they quickly zeroed in on the idea for this weekend. He and I were spitballing ideas and he basically ran with it and a couple days later, he had a full-fledged idea. Over the course of the next couple weeks Jahnig sewed and traced the outline of the design onto the fabric. About a dozen more Dark Clouds met him at the Summit Brewing Patio last week to complete the paint job.

Those twelve people are the only ones who know whats in store, but if youd like to make a guess, Jahnig has a hint for you: Porky Pig. Well also give you one last peek:

Photo courtesy Dark Clouds

Photo courtesy Dark Clouds

Have a favorite tifo from the past? Think you know what the final Dark Clouds tifo will be? Let us know in the comments!

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