United Sculpture Unveiled to Honor Fans at Allianz Field

by on 15 December 2017

On every match day, the 11,842 members of Minnesota United FC’s Itasca Society will be able to walk by their names, engraved upon a 12-foot-tall sculpture that was announced today by the team. The sculpture, a 12 by 65 foot “UNITED” will stand at the southwest entrance of Allianz Field.

Managing Partner Dr. Bill McGuire, CEO Chris Wright, and Sporting Director Manny Lagos addressed employees of Allianz Life, which sponsors the stadium, to give a recap of the 2017 season and look forward to 2018.

Lagos did not offer much in specifics on player signings—they are hoping to sign both defensive and offensive players—but afterwards gave assurances that moves were certainly coming.

McGuire and Wright both spoke enthusiastically about the stadium and the roughly 450 days until the Loons would kick off in their new park. McGuire said that some elements of the outside of the stadium were being worked out, but that this sculpture was a key element.

Fans, he said, would be able to walk past if they approached from over I-94 or Snelling Avenue. The sculpture will be situated on a one-acre plot of grass. Asked whether or not the southwestern entrance of the stadium would be for supporters, McGuire said that had not been discussed, but could be a possibility. The North entrance will be the primary entry-point for most fans.

McGuire said that incorporating the names of Itasca Society members (the original season ticket holders of the MLS club) was important. “We were looking for it to be something meaningful,” he said and not just a plaque with names up on it.

McGuire also declined to speculate about any future sculptures, specifically whether or not there would be a 20-foot-tall sculpture of Buzz Lagos erected.

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