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Supporter’s Group Roll Call: Loonatics

by on 14 March 2018

Minnesota United is blessed with a plethora of fantastic Supporters’ Groups. Leading up to the home opener on March 17th, we will try to profile each Supporter’s Group. If you have not heard from me, and want to have your group profiled, please direct message me on Twitter @kolson716. Today we will be covering Loonatics

FiftyFive.One: How did your group get started?

Garrett Qualey: We stared during the 2016 Season at NSC. We would drive the 100 miles from Rochester to Blaine for as many matches we could make. We loved hanging with True North Elite during matches, the atmosphere and energy were exactly what we wanted to be a part of, though we didn’t want to drive to the Cities to watch the away games. So we started our own group with TNE’s blessing here in Rochester.

What is the story behind your name?

GQ: The basic story is the obvious word play.

We knew we wanted to be crazy energy and crazy fun, and crazy people are lunatics haha. Our loon logo came while I was trying to draw a loon in a straight jacket for the group, but couldn’t quite get what I wanted. My son, who was 3 at the time, was watching “Finding Dory.” I looked up at the TV in frustration with drawing and saw a loon they call Becky on the movie, who is a bit…special. I thought, “That’s our bird!” then redrew the MNUFC loon, but with a similar head to Becky from “Finding Dory.”

How would you describe your group?

GQ: We are similar to TNE, mainly since we are right alongside with them pre-game and during the match. We are high energy, try to always have fun, and most (if not all) of us really enjoy beer. We also believe in equality and welcome all walks of life to party alongside us. Guess you could say we are your typical Minnesota “Nice” when it comes to how we interact and treat others. We are also dedicated. We make the 85-mile trek to every home match.

Where do you watch away games?

GQ: We are currently without a designated spot for away matches in Rochester, though will soon be making an announcement that will hopefully change that. In the meantime, people can see our Twitter or Facebook event page for watch parties.

What are your pre/post game activities?

GQ: We meet up and carpool for every home match. Once we get to Minneapolis, we meet up with TNE at Town Hall Brewery for pre-game fun, food, and brews. After the match, we start our long journey home.

How does someone join?

GQ: Mainly just come hang out with us. If interested in an actual membership they can contact us on Twitter or Facebook. You don’t need to live in Rochester to be a part of us, but all members meetings are held in Rochester.

Special thanks to Garret Quarley of Loonatics for answering the questionnaire. You can follow Loonatics on Twitter @LOONatics_MN.

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