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Supporter’s Group Roll Call: Mill City Ultras

by on 26 March 2018

Minnesota United is blessed with a plethora of fantastic fans. Due to there being so many fantastic Supporter’s Groups, the SG Roll Call series continues. If you have not heard from me, and want to have your group profiled, please direct message me on Twitter @kolson716. Today we will be covering Mill City Ultras..

FiftyFive.One: How did your group get started?

Rob: Mill City Ultras was formed at the beginning of the debut MLS season in 2017 by a group of seven of us. We wanted to fill what we saw as a void in the stands, representation of issues that affect our community and represent them overtly.

What is the story behind your name?

Rob: We wanted an Ultras style group, but something that spoke of the history of our home. Mills and those who work them built the Twin Cities. It is an homage to the cities’ working-class roots as well as identifiably Minneapolitan.

How would you describe your group?

Rob: We truly are a very tight-knit family and best friends who enjoy watching football and have a deep love for Minnesota United, having a pint or ten while singing and chanting, but we are more than that. We represent the diversity of the Twin Cities within our rank and file.
Our defining characteristic is that we will never shy away from tackling the issues that face our community. Whether it be police brutality, racism, classism, or any other -ism that serves to divide the people. This hasn’t always led to a comfortable relationship when walking into the stadium, but it is something that we believe our club needs to also stand for.

Where do you watch away games?

Rob: Our home bar is currently O’Gara’s in St. Paul, but with the venue making changes, we may be relocating.

What are your pre/post game activities?

Rob: Pre-game we typically meet at O’Garas and from there travel to McNamara for the SG march via the light rail. Though, as stated previously, that may change soon.
Post-game activities are more match-by-match.

How does someone join?

Rob: Our membership process is different than other SGs. Like other groups, we first meet other supporters and gauge interest. You learn about us, we learn about you. We take pride in who wears the MCU scarf so we intend to make sure new members are committed to the group and that we can be committed to the new members. While it gives our group a very strong core personality, we don’t intend to overtake other groups in terms of membership.
Check us out on Facebook and Twitter, or come and introduce yourself. We’ll be in section 126.

P.S. We will drink you under the table  ?

Special thanks to Rob and Ben Jimmick for responding to the questionnaire. You can follow Mill City Ultras on Twitter @MillCityUltras.

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