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Supporter’s Group Roll Call: Milwaukee Loons

by on 22 March 2018

Minnesota United is blessed with a plethora of fantastic fans. Due to there being so many fantastic Supporter’s Groups, the SG Roll Call series will continue past the home opener. If you have not heard from me, and want to have your group profiled, please direct message me on Twitter @kolson716. Today we will be covering Milwaukee Loons.

FiftyFive.One: How did your group get started?

Gabriel Rholl and Max Miller: Both of us moved to Milwaukee as MNUFC fans, having previously attended NASL matches. Respectively, one of our first matches was the 2013 Metrodome home opener; another was a New York Cosmos match at NSC in 2015. The spiritual beginning of the Milwaukee Loons started on a Dethloon Express ride with the Dark Clouds, where we had a case of Spotted Cow and were giving it out. We’re not trying to suck!

What is the story behind your name?

GR & MM: Our name started as a hashtag, #MilwaukeeLoons, sent out over Twitter as a bat-call for any MNUFC fans in Milwaukee. Our twitter account was created the night before the home opener as the “MKE Dark Clouds.” Subsequent to both those two things happening we ended up attending our first match together as a group, watching the first team point against Colorado at Milwaukee’s Nomad World Club. WE GOT A POINT! Shortly thereafter we ordered flags and scarves to make a bit more of a statement of intent, and Milwaukee Loons stuck as our name after that.

How would you describe your group?

GR & MM: Schlabsts (mixture of Schlitz and Pabst), not sucking, really loud, friendly, the kind of folks that would get a DUI on a moped two blocks away from your house at 3 p. m. on a Saturday, beer-lovers, trying to have a watching party during an impromptu comedy show (we became the punchline), welcoming, definitely not the kind of people you’d want to stand up and hate, strikes and gutters, ups and downs, PASSIONATE.

Where do you watch away games?

GR & MM: We’ve been stalling answering this survey so that we can broadcast to the world: our home is smack dab in the middle of downtown Milwaukee, corner of Mason and Jefferson, at the new Sportclub MKE. Come join us! This summer, we are the only pro team on FS Wisconsin besides the Brewers so you have no excuse. Lots of great beers and plenty of shots! RIP to the original Prefix (beer, shot, cig) as the ATF shut it down or so we were told.

What are your pre/post game activities?

GR & MM: Depends. We have roots in both Dark Clouds and TNE, so you’ll find us at Nomad or Town Hall; also we’ve been discussing going to Surly so you might want to check with us to find where we’ll be. We do like to take part of the march, though.

How does someone join?

GR & MM: Best place to get in touch with us is on Twitter, but we also have a Facebook account! We usually post where we’re going to be when: a home match, a viewing party, something guest-hosted (like with the Madison or Green Bay folks) or an away match. If we post that we’ll be hosting a viewing party at Sportclub, walk right in! We’re the weirdos wearing the Loons gear hoisting the flags.

Special thanks to Gabriel Rholl and Max Miller for answering the questionnaire. You can follow Milwaukee Loons on Twitter @milwaukeeloons.

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