News in Brief: Patreon Campaign Update, Minneapolis City News, MLS Fantasy Soccer, and More

by on 3 February 2017

FiftyFive.One Patreon Campaign at 42 patrons

Our goal is to get to 50 patrons by the end of the day today. Will you be the one to push the number over the half-century mark?

Some details from our campaign so far:

Finally, giving to our Patreon campaign means you get to yell at us when you disagree with us, “I pay your salaries!” because that is literally true.

MLS fantasy soccer is back: join FiftyFive.One’s league

If you have never played MLS fantasy soccer, you’re in for a treat. This season the rules have been made such that it’s even easier for people to play the game. There as no longer any restrictions on transfers and your teams are smaller now, too.

The site itself does a good job walking you through how to set up your team.

If you want to join FiftyFive.One’s league, the code is 2012-654. Only problem is, I already have the best team, but second place is always respectable.

While you look at my fantastic team, you can marvel at the Loons all-white jerseys. Looking sharp!

Indiana recruit to train with Minneapolis City

Defender Jake Meier, a Minnesota Thunder Academy product, recently committed to play his college soccer at Indiana. Fellow Hoosier, and current Minneapolis City winger Isaac Friendt, a longtime teammate of Meier’s, took an active role in recruiting the defender to train with the Crows over the summer.

“I’ve known Jake since my middle school years,” offered Friendt. “He’s the type of defender where, as a forward, you tend to drift away from him because you just don’t want to go against him. I invited him along to train with City because he is now signed to Indiana, and in my summer leading up to coming here, City was amazing preparation for me.”

Last season at Indiana, Friendt was a teammate of Minnesota United’s fourth-round SuperDraft pick Tanner Thompson.

Reporting by Kyle Eliason.

News bits

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  • Offensive Loons Fan

    So, we’re at a point where thousands of new United fans, attracted to the game for the first time by the idea of MLS, are going to enter the stadium gates without any Loons gear, because the team hasn’t come out with any, aren’t we?
    That issue went from being a question mark, to an exclamation point, to just a full on laughing-while-crying emoji.

  • Vinyl Haircut

    I asked this when you posted the previous Patreon update but didn’t see a response, so trying again. I’m happy to contribute, but I’m not fond of repeating monthly internet payments. I’d much rather contribute a designated amount all at once, in a single contribution rather than installments. I didn’t see a way to do that on the Patreon site … do you know if it’s possible?

    • Bill Stenross

      Sorry, I had thought I responded to you, I apologize that I didn’t.

      With Patreon, it only allows monthly contributions. So, the way some other people worked around this is that they set their contribution in January, and then stopped it after their contribution went through yesterday. You’re welcome to do the same, if that would work for you. Make sure to put a note in with your contribution that this is a one time contribution and we’ll send you a note reminding you to cancel any further contributions.

      Thanks for your interest in supporting our site. We really appreciate it!

      • nomadic loon

        Perhaps if an address was provided where we can mail a one time check, it would eliminate the need to give so much private info to a 3rd party patreon site.

        • Bill Stenross

          Right now, that isn’t a way that we are set up to receive contributions. Perhaps in the future.

  • nomadic loon

    There are enthusiastic soccer folk on the list of “authorized contributors” on Northern Pitch #2 (now called 55.1); but miss the community spirit of Northern Pitch where other enthusiastic fans could initiate and start a topic forum or post a story. The SCOREBOARD, REFEREE, & WORLD CUP threads were great examples started by reader contributors. Hopefully that will start soon….
    On NP#2 there’s NEWS and ANGLE. Some of the stories are great, but within a couple of weeks they get buried and unorganized. For example, the SOCCERING 102 series was great (and hope he gets to all the positions), but it would be better if they could be organized together and easier to find. To find an older SOCCERING 102 story, I’ve got to go first figure out if its NEWS or ANGLE, then click through dozens of pages to find it (finally found on page 14 of the ANGLE). Same for the PODCAST announcements, GOPHER NEWS, GAMEDAY THREADS, WATCH PARTIES, GAME RECAP, MINNEAPOLIS CITY FC, etc… organize them so these series stay together and are easy to find with a menu. Some of these series would be very useful to new soccer fans. Perhaps I just haven’t figured out how to navigate on this NP#2 site. I went through all 73 pages of NEWS and can’t find the world cup thread from the NP forum.
    Readers are now welcome to interact…. but the discus format makes it difficult to post internet links such as youtube highlights. And if an “authorized contributor” puts out a good story, you better read it soon before it gets buried in the mess by newer content.
    NP#2: B- on content (but getting better); D+ on organization, format, layout (not sure if contributions are going to help address).

    • Bill Stenross

      Thanks for your advice on the site. One way to help you find older content is the search function (the magnifying glass up top) and then type in what you are looking for. I found the soccering articles (glad you liked them!) right away using that tool. Hopefully the search tool will help you when you are looking for other older articles as well.

      As far as fanposts or forums, we’d like to do them, but want to do them right. They were highly underutilized at NP, and we want to make sure we can incorporate them in our website in a way that will 1) actually be used and 2) meets our expectations for content and quality.

      Hope this helps!

      • nomadic loon

        yeah… I was going to use the search, but I couldn’t remember the name of the series… i entered INTRO TO SOCCER, POSITION DESCRIPTION, etc…. With a menu on the side or drop down menu on top of the page listing all of NP#2’s feature series, I would have recognized it instantly. For newcomers to your site, they’ll never find much of your good content under the current organization of the site. Appreciate your reply.