News in Brief: Swiss Defender Joins Minnesota, Wayne Shaw Steals our Hearts, and More

by on 21 February 2017

Jérôme Thiesson to join Minnesota United

Swiss right back Jérôme Thiesson is set to join Minnesota United from Swiss club FC Luzern according to Minnesota will reportedly send $50,000 of General Allocation Money to Toronto FC because Thiesson was on Toronto’s double secret probation discovery list. Transfrmrkt has Thiesson’s value listed at €900,000. The 29-year-old Swiss defender should slot into the starting lineup at right back.

Lance Laing could move to the Cosmos

Former Loon Lance Laing might be close to signing with the New York Cosmos. The Jamaican winger did not have the best of times with Minnesota, but earned a spot on the NASL 2015 Best XI in his last season with Edmonton FC. He showed flashes of his ability during the 2016 season including a moonshot goal against the Miami FC. Laing trained with the Loons during their preseason trip to Arizona but left before the team headed to Portland.

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The magic of the FA Cup

English giant Arsenal faced off against minnow Sutton United in the FA Cup today. Arsenal won 2-0, but that is beside the point. The real winner was Sutton United’s backup goalkeeper, Wayne Shaw.

Backup goalkeepers will have to step up their game.

News bits

Today in awesome

Roma midfielder Leandro Paredes scored his fifth goal for the club in spectacular fashion. Paredes scored from about 25 yards out with the outside(!!!) of his foot. Poor Joe Hart never had a chance.

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  • Jacob

    What is it telling me if Transfermarkt values him at 900,000 euros? I searched a few other Loons on it. Taylor is 425k, Demidov, Saeid, Kadrii, and Schuller are 500k each, Calvo is 350k, Molino is 800k…

    Clearly, the only possible takeaway is that Thiesson will be our MVP this season. Transfermarkt seems like a cool tool but I don’t have a grasp on what to take away from it.

    I also see that Zurich loaned him out twice. I’d be curious to see what was going on there. Also played on the Swiss U20 and U21 teams so there’s that.

    Finally, does Toronto having discovery rights on him and selling them for $50,000 tell us anything? What does it say if a team went out and acquired discovery rights, and what does it say that they sold those rights for $50,000?

    Either way, this looks like an upgrade at our weakest point so I’m happy. I’m curious to see how much of an upgrade it will be.

    • Wes

      Transfermarkt is a really imprecise tool. Certainly, MN didn’t pay that much for him but it tells you who his peers are in the market.
      As for Toronto and the $50k price, that’s simply the going rate for a discovery rights.

      • Steve Lindley

        Is it fair to assume that this means Alvin Jones is out of the picture? And does this use the INTL slot they picked up from Vancouver in the Montero trade?

        • Wes

          I would assume as much. I don’t know who traveled to Orlando, but they are using their 10th spot on Thiesson.

          • BJ

            Unless Ibson get his rumored green card, then maybe Alvin and Thiesson?

  • Alberto Valsecchi

    Ten days ago I appreciated more the forward line and a bit less the midfield.

    I was worried about the back line especially for the GK and the RB.

    Now I feel confident that the team is more solid.

  • reverik

    Not all heroes wear capes. Some eat pie on the sidelines of a football game. Wayne Shaw = my new hero!