Cross section of the proposed safe standing section in Minnesota United FC's new stadium. Courtesy: Populous

The Angle

EXCLUSIVE: First Look at Plans for Supporters Section in Minnesota’s New Stadium

by on 27 May 2016

Earlier this week, FiftyFive.One confirmed new details on Minnesota United FC’s stadium. Since publishing that information, we have been granted an exclusive first look at the architect’s plans for the supporters section. Bruce Miller, the stadium’s lead architect at Kansas City-based Populous, was kind enough to share a cross section through the safe standing area behind the stadium’s south goal.

What’s shown in this drawing should be considered schematic – not final – according to Miller, but it still tells us a great deal about the design.

Here are a few key takeaways for Minnesota fans:

Those standing in the first row will be just 21 feet from the goal line.

Additional details are sure to emerge in the coming weeks. Be sure to check FiftyFive.One regularly for more updates.

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